How To Survive In A “Man’s World” – 12 Mantras From A Mother

However much you and I may debate over it, our world continues to be the man’s prerogative – even though it is accommodating us women better now, letting us be heard and seen more often. So how does a woman survive in this “man’s” world? Here are some tips by a mother to her daughter, who’s on the verge of stepping into one…

1. Do not compete with other women over men, befriend them and let men do the chasing.

You need support in this world to get ahead, and what better support than that of other women living through everything you are? There is no better force like women power, trust me.

 surviving in a world run by men

2. Do not have double standards by demanding privileges as a woman, and complaining about the liberties of a man.

Lead by example for all men and women around you to see what being ‘equals’ really means.

3. Grow up to be brave, not perfect.

Do not fall into the trap of the beauty industry that sets up expectations that you and I cannot fulfill. Real beauty lies in courage that makes one stand up for what no one else would.

 surviving in a world run by men

4. Make those trips to the bank yourself – have a hold on the money you make.

For that is what it means to be truly independent, my girl.

5. Have a sense of humor, for there is nothing sexier than an intelligent woman, who can laugh at herself.

Is there a better way to live this one life we have than to laugh along the journey?

 surviving in a world run by men

6. Learn some form of self defence – be your own hero.

Do not sit around waiting for your hero to come save you. The poor guy is probably too busy dealing with his own sh*t, you’ll just have to be your own hero – it’s quite fun, actually.


7. Do not hold yourself back only because other women haven’t gone where you wish to go…

Why let the old generation dictate terms to you? They are bound by their experiences, but you don’t have to be.

 surviving in a world run by men

8. Do not feel guilty about feeling a bit too happy, ever!

Being at the top of your game, but worrying over not giving enough time to your kids at home, or being on a holiday but still worrying about what your boss may think of you? Please don’t do it. Whatever you are doing in your capacity is enough, really. Don’t stretch yourself to the point of breaking.

9. Fight, fight for what you want – there is no other way, really.

Never back down from a challenge, even if it comes guised as a fight. Believe you can do it, and you will. At the end of the struggle lies what you desire.

 surviving in a world run by men

10. Being a woman is a beautiful thing, enjoy it…

So go ahead and dazzle with your looks and kill with your brains.

11. Take criticism seriously, not personally!

That’s where most women go wrong. Someone could be saying something not because they dislike you, but maybe because they think you can genuinely improve in that area? Take it in the best way possible, and get better.

 surviving in a world run by men

12. Educate yourself and know all the rights available to you…

Do not stop being curious, do not stop educating yourself even when you’re done studying – and most importantly do not stay ignorant about the rights that are available to you as a woman.

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