Sweet Thief: 9 Beauty Products to Steal from Your Boyfriend

If your partner is anything like mine – he has lots of fabulous beauty products – you can save some cash and steal some of those goodies without feeling guilty. Couples have a tendency to split the cost and share everything they have, from home and car to food and pets. But they rarely, if at all consider sharing their beauty products, except men’s razors. But it’s not the only thing you can steal from him. Whether you tell him or you hope he’ll never know, here are those products to steal from your partner:

1. Face cleanser

Who said girls and guys can’t use the same face cleanser? If you’re running out of your face cleanser and you’re almost broke, steal your boyfriend’s face wash. First, he’ll never notice that. Second, if he’ll notice, he won’t mind. After all, it’s hard to go a week or so without cleansing your face, isn’t it?

2. Zit cream

If both of you have skin problems like breakouts, blackheads and whiteheads, you can use one zit cream together. Men’s acne isn’t that different from women’s, so why spend tons of money on two separate zit creams when you can use only one? Who knows, maybe his zit cream will help you banish those pimples faster than yours?

3. Hair products

From shampoo to hair putty, you can steal any of his hair products you need right now. While yes, the scent of his shampoo is, well, a bit manly, but who cares? You won’t smell for long. Plus, if you use hair wax or mousse, that “manly” scent will quickly disappear. It’s better to use his shampoo than go with greasy hair all day long.

4. Shaving cream

Many girls are guilty of using their boyfriends’ shaving creams. But I decided to remind you. Just in case. While most beauty experts don’t recommend using men’s shaving creams, I have another opinion. Women’s shaving creams are made for legs, which means they do contain some harsh ingredients. Men’s shaving creams, on the contrary, are made for a face, which means they are a lot milder and softer for your beautiful legs than your ordinary shaving gel. What’s your choice?

5. Lip balm

My guy has a very sensitive lips so he can’t leave home without grabbing one of his fav lip balms (yep, he has lots of them.) When I’m too lazy to buy some lip balm for myself (or I just don’t want to spend my hard-earned bucks) I steal it from my boo. If you have chapped, dry lips and want a truly moisturizing lip balm, opt for your boyfriend’s one to get an instant relief.

6. Beard oil

If your boyfriend has a beard and use a high quality beard oil, I have good news for you. You can save a bit on your hair oil by using his beard oil once a week. He won’t notice it, but your locks will be more luscious, shining and healthy than ever. Perhaps, you’ve never think of it, but give it a try while your guy is hanging out with his friends. You won’t regret it!

7. Body wash

While taking shower you suddenly find out your body wash is almost done, what to do? No worries. Grab your boyfriend’s body wash and enjoy his smell all day long. It’s a good idea for gals who have long-distant relationships.

8. Cologne

Nowadays there are plenty of men’s fragrances that smell great, or even better, on women. Expand your fragrance choices by using your boyfriend’s cologne once in a while. If you wear it correctly, you won’t smell like a guy, don’t worry. Your boo may not even notice that you wear his fav fragrance. Ready to play a trick on him?

9. Deodorant

Finally, you can also steal a deodorant from him. Women’s deodorants are overrated, overpriced and less effective than men’s deodorants. Plus, most women’s deodorants have terrible scents, especially when you get sweaty. Stealing your guy’s deodorant is a win-win solution!

We all do it! Men steal our beauty goodies while we steal theirs. There’s nothing wrong in it. You might end up finding something better without spending money on new products that do more harm than good. Well, ladies, are you ready to be honest right now? What beauty products have you already stolen from your man?

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