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How to Talk Dirty in A Right Way and Turn Your Woman On

If you do it right, she'll love you more.

Have you ever had dirty thoughts about a girl? Have you ever wanted to tell her exactly what you want to do to her until she’s hot and sweaty and ready to claw your clothes off? Well, if I know most men, you’ve probably kept those thoughts and words to yourself. You may have even withheld them while you were hooking up with a girl for fear that she might get offended and leave. But let me tell you, she’s waiting for you to break out the dirty talk. So today I’m going to talk about how to dirty talk with women the right way, and how to take your experience and hers to the next level.

Learning how to dirty talk can be intimidating at first. But once you get down these basics, you’ll turn your partner on better than anyone else. Using your words in the bedroom is one of the best ways to spice up an otherwise mundane sex life. But if you don’t know how to dirty talk, it can be a little challenging. Not to even mention how intimidating it can be. Some people are great at dirty talk. They can do it without even thinking and it always comes across as sexy and alluring. Others, however, have a difficult time with this. It can come across as awkward and uncomfortable – both of which are not sexy.

Here are our tips for learning how to dirty talk and a few examples you can use the next time you get frisky with your partner:

1. Be genuine

Please, do not try to fake dirty talk. What you say should come naturally to you and should not be something you picked off the internet. It will seem really weird and can backfire, so be careful.

2. Set the mood before you start

You need to understand that your dirty talk is supposed to match with the aura. You do not want to be calling your girlfriend a “dirty little hoe” when she’s had the worst day at the office. Get my drift? You need to make sure that she is in the mood or else things aren’t going to work out as you had initially planned.

3. Start slow

Unless a girl is just fired up and ready to go, you’ll have to start the dirty talk in a light and subtle fashion. Don’t jump right into talking dirty if you’re not sure what to do. You’ll end up saying something embarrassing and probably not very sexy. So start slow. Don’t make a plan to be the best dirty talker ever on your first day trying it. Say a few things this time then add in more with each time you’re intimate with your partner. Good subtle sexuality communicates sexual subtext while keeping the outside layer of communication light and fun. Since she’s laughing, she can’t accuse you of being creepy or overly sexual, but since you did just make a sexual comment, she sees you more in the lover frame. Sexual jokes, when used well, can be really powerful tools for moving an interaction forward.

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4. Calibration is the key here

If you overdo it you can scare her or make it sound awkward. Slowly, get more and more sexual with her. Each dirty talk line you say should be 15-20% more sexual than the previous one.

 Give her mind to process the sexual thoughts you place in her mind, and then move on. Step by step she is yours. For instance, you can start like this: “We are talking about music, but I have to tell you, you have such a nice legs, they are so driving me crazy” 

and then you go back to conversation, and continue talking like nothing happened. What this does is sending an impulse to her brain: “this guy is sexual, he likes me, he wants me, I am sexy to him”. Change the topic and let her unconscious cook. 

5-10 minutes later do it again. “You have such a nice high heels, I really like them… I would remove everything from you… but these heels, they would stay on”

 and then shift back to your normal conversation.

5. Whisper in their ear

If you’re a little shy and don’t want to talk very loud at first, just start by whispering in their ear. There’s no need to be loud about it. Sometimes dirty talk can be even hotter if it’s low and quiet. You can also take things to the next level by biting or licking their ear right after saying something. It’ll hit that erogenous zone and make them squirm.

6. Make eye contact

Girls love it when a man looks into their eyes while talking dirty to them. It shows that you are confident and that you find her to be super attractive. All girls, including your girlfriend, love it when they feel desire. And since the eyes are the windows to one’s soul, staring lovingly at them will show her that you really desire her sexually, which will make her wet for you. And if you get to do this with the right kind of tone and caresses, then you will definitely get your girl/girlfriend wet and throbbing in a matter of minutes.

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7. Cuddle with your girl

Cuddling is a very underrated part of the dirty talk. And needless to say, that’s where a lot of men go wrong. Whenever you and girl are cuddling, it provides the best time for the two of you to dirty talk and caresses effectively. If you do this right, you will almost always get her wet almost effortlessly. And while you talk dirty to your girl, make sure you are holding her tight while whispering in her ear. Feel free to nibble her earlobe while you are at it and your dirty talk will most certainly work like a charm. Even better, your erection can “accidentally” poke her back or butt, complementing the dirty talk as your charm becomes complete.

8. Talk about what you want

Another thing to talk about when you’re not sure where to start is to just tell them what you want. Talk about how much you want them inside of you or how much you want them to ride you. Not only will this be extremely sexy, but it’s also a great way to get more of what you want in bed. If you want something you don’t do often, just tell them. The authoritative attitude will come off as very hot.

9. Be descriptive

Being as descriptive as possible will only help. You can learn how to dirty talk a lot faster if you just start describing things in detail. Talk about how much you love a very specific thing they do. For example, instead of just saying how much you like kissing their neck, tell them how much you love the way their breath catches in their throat when you do that. It’ll take everything to the next level.

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10. Use your senses

And I mean ALL of your senses. Sometimes it can be difficult figuring out what you want to say next when you’re learning how to dirty talk. If you remember to go through your senses, that’s made a lot easier. Simply tell them how great they feel against your hands and how much you love to taste them. Not only are these things very sexy, but they paint a vivid picture in their mind and that will help to turn them on even more.

Now that you know the best dirty talk strategies to say to your girlfriend in bed to make her wet and give her more powerful orgasms, you only need to apply the physical techniques that’ll bring it all together.

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