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Tattoo – Dream Interpretation

Although the concept of tattoo exists since quite some time now, people have recently gone GAGA over different tattoo designs. When you get a tattoo done, you have a new reason to flaunt yourself in the crowd.
Dreaming of having a tattoo on your body indicates your wish or desire to be different than the others in the crowd. After all, a tattoo does make you different than others. You stand out in the crowd and this is what a tattoo dream suggests. You are looking forward to do something different than the others. If you have any out of the box ideas, it is time for you to bring them forward so that the others around you can explore your mind as well.
Dreaming of getting a tattoo may mean a new change in your life. Try remembering whether the tattoo design in your dream is a neat one or a messed up one. If you dream of getting a neat tattoo design on your body, it indicates a bright and positive change; on the other hand, a messy or ugly tattoo design on your body may indicate a dull and negative change in your waking life.

A tattoo indicates change, desire to be different than the crowd, need to be unique, carefree attitude towards life and others and expressive relationships.
If you dream of someone else getting a tattoo of your name, it indicates his love for you. That person may even belong to the same gender; all the dream means is that you have someone who deeply cares for you and is affectionate towards you.
Dreaming of getting a tattoo done indicates new projects. Even though the entire world is standing against you, you know that this project is what you want in your life.

Most Common Tattoo Dreams:
• Seeing yourself as a tattoo artist – You have an urge to create something unique, if you get such a dream.
• Kissing your tattoo – If you dream of adoring or caressing or kissing your tattoo, it means that you are looking forward to the new change taking place in your life.
• Scratching your tattoo – If you already have a tattoo and you dream of scratching it, it means that you are not happy with the changes being introduced in your life.

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