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8 Terrible Winter Hair Problems And How To Fix Them

When your hair doesn’t cooperate with you, it can literally ruin your whole day.

As much as you love winter, you cannot deny the fact that it wreaks havoc on your winter hair. The cold temperature and the lack of moisture in the air make your hair look lifeless, dry, and damaged. But before you resign yourself to the fact that your bad hair days have started, do check these tips out. These will take care of any hair issues you might face, and you will be free from hair woes until spring.

But before you resign yourself to the fact that your bad hair days have started, do check these tips out.

1. Dry Hair

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You might touch your hair and think that it feels like straw or hay. That’s because your locks are all dried out! This can lead to everything else on this list and breakage, which you definitely do not want.

The Fix: Step up your shampoo and conditioner game by using hydrating products. Add a hair oil like Moroccan or Argan oil into your hair routine to use before styling.

2. Hat Hair


Hats are a must in the winter to keep you from freezing. But hats can absorb the moisture in your hair, leaving it dry and can also leave your style looking subpar.

The Fix: Since you aren’t going to stop wearing hats mid-winter, avoid the aftermath of hat head by using a leave-in conditioner on your hair to lock in moisture. Then, after you style your strands, make sure to wait until your hair cools (aka don’t put your hat on right after you’re done blow-drying it); if your hair is still warm and moldable when you put your hat on, it will be lifeless when you take it off. Finally, when you get to your destination, flip your hair upside down after you remove your hat to revive your hair. Since you waited until your style cooled, it will maintain its original shape.

3. Dull And Frizzy Hair


As the moisture level in the atmosphere starts dropping, your hair tends to get dry and brittle – like straw or hay. This dryness can lead to all the other problems on this list (and of course, breakage as well), which you will definitely want to avoid.

The Fix: Protection is the key to good hair. Try to avoid the dry heat products and switch to nourishing and hydrating hair care products. Add Argan or Moroccan hair oils to your hair care regimen.

4. Static


Static is fun, right? Wrong. You don’t want to walk around looking like you stuck your finger in an electrical socket.

The Fix: In the winter, try to use hydrating and smoothing products. You’re probably going to need heat styling since it’s cold, but try to use heat methods as little as possible. Let your hair air dry when you’re indoors to minimize heat styling.

5. Itchy Scalp


Since winter thrives by sucking all of the moisture out of your body, your scalp is going to get dry. And itchy. And you’re going to want to scratch the crap out of it.

The Fix: Don’t scratch, pat. This will cause less damage and less dandruff. Reach for a product called Scalpicin that you can apply to stop the itch.

6. Limp Hair


Due to the lack of humidity in winter, your hair becomes limp and hangs lifelessly. All the time you wasted on blow drying your hair and styling it perfectly gets totally wasted.

The Fix: If the brutal winter wind is leaving your fine hair thin and lifeless, try some volumizing products. Instead of washing your hair twice to give it body, use a dry shampoo. This will also help add volume.

7. Dandruff


Along with an itchy scalp comes dandruff, which is super unsightly. No one wants to have dandruff flaking off or someone pointing out “Hey you’ve got a little something in your hair.”

The Fix: Use an anti-dandruff shampoo, but avoid things like Head & Shoulders that contain sulfates. Go for something like T-Gel, which will help sooth your dry scalp.

8. Dull Color


Dry winter weather can also dull your hair color if you dye your hair. And dull hair can dull out your whole look by washing you out.

The Fix: Go over your hair with a color or clear gaze to boost color and amp up shine.

Winter can be a bad time for your skin as well as you hair with the dry cold weather on the outside and the overheated circulated air inside. More care has to be taken of your hair in the winter months than in the summer months.

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