The 25 Sweetest Romantic Gestures for Everyday Life

Sometimes, all you need are sweet romantic gestures every now and then to let your sweetheart know there’s still a lot of love floating in the air.

Have a look; put these Top 25 Sweet Romantic Gestures for Everyday Life into action that can act as a passion pill to keep the flames of love ignited for long.


  1. You can simply record an erotic love message on your partner’s phone and set the alarm for the time you are away. We know that you would not be around to see that blushing face, but you will surely get a lovely kiss for your effort as soon as you return back.
  2. Take a day off once in a week or fortnight and indulge into one of your beloved’s favourite activities. Enjoy to the fullest as this will make your partner feel more adorable. Better if you don’t like it much, this will impress him/her beyond your imagination.
  3. Preparing a romantic meal or doing the dishes is one of the most conventional and sweet romantic gestures for everyday life. If you haven’t done this yet, try it and see your beloved having all smiles for you.
  4. When your partner insists that you don’t go for work on that day pretend as if you have to rush straightaway.  Go half the way and return back with her much-loved dessert or you can even get tickets for his favourite concert.
  5. Surprise your partner with his/her favourite breakfast on bed and get dressed only in an apron, wearing that gorgeous smile of yours. Enjoy a nice romantic meal and get naughty if the mood signs out intense passions.
  6. Once in a month lock both of yourselves in house and don’t allow your valentine to move out of your sight. No matter wherever she goes, you are supposed to take her there in your arms.
  7. When your partner returns home, surprise him with a great massage session. Lit the whole room with aromatic candles and let your hands speak for your innermost desires. Set the ambiance right for a romantic evening as you both will be relaxed and excited at the same time.
  8. You can slip a love note in his pocket, car seat or dining table. You can pen down all your naughty thoughts and leave a question. For example, feeling hot, are you ready for tonight?  Longing for that sensuous kiss from the most handsome guy or the most beautiful girl.
  9. When you both are heading for a movie or during its interval, just see deep into his/her eyes and say “I Love You” without any laugh or smile. If you are new into a relationship, this will call for a romantic encounter and if the other case, you can experience the re-ignited passions floating right in the air.
  10. Hold his/her hands tight while crossing the road or going for a street walk. Tell your partner about all those things that make you love him/her more than before. This will really make your beloved glow with blissful love.
  11. Surprise your partner by planning a picnic by the near side romantic spot. Take him/her out when he is just ready to sleep and is in a night suit.
  12. Dedicate a romantic track to your partner, when he/she is least expecting it. You can do this at any of the Karaoke nights. If you are a shy fella, just make it happen in-between your regular conversations on phone.
  13. Get prepared with a hot bubble bath when your partner returns from a long official trip. Scrub him and enjoy that sensuous bath with him.
  14. In middle of the day, call your partner and let him know how much you love him/her. Make sure you don’t say hello. Just say two lines about what you feel and no need to say bye. Experience love in the air, when he/she meets you in the evening or anytime soon.
  15. “I could stare at you forever and I’d still feel like I haven’t had enough of you.” You can say this just when your partner is about to sleep or waking up in the morning.
  16. Reading out a short and adorable poem for your partner is one of the sweetest romantic gestures for everyday life. Do this when you are about to leave for work or when you have invited your couple friends at home. Next what? Feel heaven as you see him/her contented with this heart felt gesture.
  17. If it’s raining outside, nothing can stop you from spending a great romantic time together. Wet your selves, kiss and then cuddle up in cosy bed to set the ambiance right for a passionate evening. You can also team it up with any of your favourite romantic flicks.
  18. Twice in a week, gift bot of yourselves a 30 seconds moment of kiss in the morning. Yes, giving a cute peck on cheeks before leaving for work makes your day perfect, but you would surely wait for this moment after doing it for the very first time. Limit to twice in a week at this would never fade away its charm.
  19. After dinner feed each other with grapes or strawberries. Make sure you are cut from all the technologies and experience the age-old romance all over again.
  20. Blindfold your beloved when she is working in the kitchen, kiss her and we do not need to say anything further. But all this way make sure she is blindfolded.
  21. Working out or running together will not only keep you in great shape, but make you two spend a quality time. Besides fit body, this would definitely lead to healthier relationship.
  22. Just take her on the roof and stargaze while sharing your most memorable experiences together. You can even club this moment with a chocolate and kiss under moonlight, making it a more romantic period.
  23. Annoy your Valentine intentionally for something and the very next moment tell her how much you love her. Best would be to hug her tight and whisper all your feelings in her ears.
  24. You can even do it the Kid’s way. Take a day off and head to the amusement park for creating a memorable fun day.
  25. At the end of the day undress each other with your own time and tell all your naughty thoughts that you would love to put into action for tonight.

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