The Experience of a Lifetime: Why You Should Travel Solo

BBlDcaG life and lessonMany people are afraid to travel alone because they don’t know about these wonderful benefits of traveling solo. Traveling alone is a unique and rewarding experience. Perhaps you think it’s not safe and fun to visit other countries alone, but it all depends on the place you are going to visit and your vigilance. When you travel alone, you are more likely to make new friends, learn more about different cultures and discover yourself. You have more opportunity and time to interact with locals, because you can’t spend your time alone all the time. Also, you have the freedom to do whatever you want. Quell your fears and start planning your solo trip right now. I hope these benefits of traveling solo will inspire you to choose the most beautiful place to visit.

You plan your travel budget

Although many people believe that traveling alone is much more expensive than with someone, you can even save on your solo trip. You know the rule – when you go shopping alone, you tend to spend less money. Shopping and traveling might be absolutely different things, but the rule stays the same. You can stay in a hostel, party less, shop less and opt for economy class flights. You don’t have to run into debt to visit the place your friends want to visit. Choose the destination you can afford to visit, and don’t be afraid to travel alone. Just remember, safety first!

You can go whenever you want

I have many friends that didn’t visit so many beautiful places because their travel buddies changed their minds right before the flight. Nowadays many of them travel alone and they claim it’s not as scary as it may seem. The first time I traveled alone, I was a bit scared. I was not afraid of pickpockets, new places and language barriers, I was afraid of loneliness. I thought it would be so boring that my trip would end when I got there. However, my trip was fantastic and fun. My coworker, who refused to travel at the last minute, was greatly surprised at my brave decision. Actually me too. But I’m happy that I took that decision. Now I know that I can go whenever I want, even if my travel buddy will change their mind. I can choose my dates and don’t need to wait for anybody.

You can choose where you go

Sometimes it’s hard to choose the place that you and your travel buddy want to visit. You may want to visit Istanbul and your friend may think that London is a better place to go. You may decide to visit London first and your trip may be fantastic. But then your friend may tell you that they don’t want to spend their money on a trip to Istanbul, because they simply don’t like that city or have already visited it. When you travel alone, you choose where you go. Want to visit Mardin? Berlin? Lviv? Bangkok? What are you waiting for? Do it alone, if you can afford it!

You can do whatever you want

When you travel solo, no one tells you what to do and where woman-is-jumping life and lessonto go, of course, except your guide. You can spend the whole day walking around the city, talking to the locals, visiting galleries and museums. No one will tell you that they are bored or tired. You can spend the whole evening practicing yoga on the beach without listening to your friend’s complaints. You have the freedom to do what you really enjoy doing and no one will disturb you. I love freedom and for me it’s one of the best benefits of traveling solo.

You can make new friends

Whether alone or with friend, traveling gives us a wonderful opportunity to meet a lot of people from different parts of the world. However, when you travel solo, you may want to make new friends to make your trip more interesting and enjoyable. It’s always great to have friends from the other countries. Not only will you learn some facts about their native cities, but you will also have a larger travel bucket list and the opportunity to visit new places without spending money on hotel/hostels and guides.

As frightening as it seems at first, traveling alone is the experience of a lifetime. It’s crucial for solo travelers to know how to stay safe in a foreign country, though. Each country has its own set of safety issues, so do your research before visiting any place, especially alone. Do you agree that traveling alone is the experience of a lifetime? Have your ever traveled solo? Do you have any tips for new solo travelers that you want to share with us?

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