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The Prettiest Earrings To Match All Your Ethnic and Western Outfits!

When it comes to wearing certain earrings, every woman has her own preference. On a daily basis, we take pride in matching them on a variety of outfits and occasions. Every girl loves her stash of blingy baubles and our desi wear is never complete without pretty, sparkly jewellery. But traditional Indian jewellery, right from chandbalis to big jhumkas can be tricky to pair with western wear. Earrings are not just an ornament. They can be an extension of your personality.

Type of Earrings
Type of Earrings

Each style can make you look distinct. Check your jewellery box and see whether you have these 8 different types of earrings.

1. Stud Earrings

Stud Earrings
Stud Earrings

Known to be the best jewellery for sophisticated formal look, stud earrings are forever fave of fashion loving women. These beautiful designer earrings are closely attached with the ear and look glamorous when perfectly matched with the attire. From small to huge, subtle to bold designs, you can get a spray of such beautiful earrings to pair with range of designer clothes and engage a gaze at any moment. You go, girl!!!

2. Jhumkis

Oxidised Jhumki

Jhumkis or Jhumkas have never failed us. They blend in with every type of outfit when you want to oomph it up. There are all kinds available. You’ll find endless styles like with layers of latkans, silver engraved ones or simple multi-coloured drop ones. We’ve found this unique version just for you that you can easily pair with anything you wear without a second thought.

3. Danglers

Dangler Earrings


As the name suggests, this beautiful type of women earrings are just meant to dangle. Attached to the ear with the use of thin wires, these attractive jewels come in range of shapes and sizes to match the personal taste of the individual and the theme of the occasion. Danglers are generally used by fashion experts to spruce up their overall appearance and make heads turn around with their phenomenal fashion statement. Get one now!!!

4. Chandeliers


This style of earrings become broader towards the end and start from one small stud, similar to the shape of a chandelier. They’re perfect for adding oodles of glamour to your ensemble. We recommend you keep these for the events where you need to make a statement or want to dress up a simple outfit.

5. Hoops

Hoop Earrings

Hoop balis are simple, elegant and a classic. They look amazing and are great for when you’re unsure of what to pair your outfit with. From plain hoops to ones with pearls or other detailing, they bring a timeless and stylish charm to your look. I am sure it’s there in your box.

6. Chand balis


These charming Indian style earrings are meant to don wonders to the wearer’s personality. The exquisite pair of chand balis looks brilliant on every woman regardless of their body shape, size, skin tone and shade. The neat design of closely attached pearls and incredible ethnic appeal adds glow to the overall appearance of the wearer. Every Indian woman has a bunch of these ethereal jewellery in their most loved jewellery box.

7. Ear Cuffs

Ear Cuffs
Ear Cuffs

Look at this beautiful piece. Ear cuffs have been quite a craze in recent times and for good reason. You can make them work for you with western as well as ethnic ensembles. This style is for the girl who likes experimenting when it comes to fashion. Whether from the front or the back side of earrings, the jewellery covers almost the whole part of the ear and looks extremely fashionable and sassy.

8. Needle Thread Earrings

Needle Thread Earrings
Needle Thread Earrings

What a beautiful heart! The sleek threads embellished with different types of pearls and beads are called threader earrings. They are light in weight and very easy to carry for any occasion or ceremony. Also, you can wear them for any casual outing or office meeting to flaunt your sassy style statement and fashion sense. A thin chain which easily slips into the ear hole and fall loose downwards falls in the category of ear threads.

From traditional chand balis to quirky ear cuffs, each of these fancy tinklets can do wonders to your complete ensemble and bring you into the spotlight of any evening. Are you still counting yours???

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