An Inspiring Story Of Ruby Singhal, The First Female Auto-Rickshaw Driver from Noida

In our country being poor is considered a bane. And if you happen to be a woman, that’s like the final nail in the coffin. But here’s a woman who refused to accept the cards she was dealt with. From a life of poverty & hardships to being the first ever woman auto rickshaw driver in India, she overcame her surroundings and fate to make something out of herself.

From a life of poverty after her family suffered a huge financial loss to being the first ever woman auto-rickshaw driver in Noida, Ruby Singhal has never been the type to follow traditions.

This 30-year-old woman transcended all barriers and took up a men-dominated-profession.


She is just a living example of, ‘whatever hurdles come your way, make it your friend.’

“I know people get surprised when they see me driving an autorickshaw. This is considered a man’s job. My father and husband were against my decision to drive an autorickshaw, but I went ahead with my plan. Angry with me, my father said I should not enter his house again. But I did not give in and stood by my decision to support my family. My brother extended help and lent me the money to buy a new autorickshaw. I won the confidence of my husband once I started earning and supporting him financially.”

Noida might be considered unsafe for women, but she acts tough and rude.

In these six years, I have learnt one survival technique — one should be a ‘dabangg’ (brave). I never think twice before beating hooligans. I am happy with who I am. I think every woman who is going through a financial crisis should start working.

You are changing the ‘do’s and don’ts’ created by our society.

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