The Top 10 Scariest Things You Can Hear On A First Date

If you hear any of the following lines from a potential partner, run!

A first date is a leap of faith: one agrees to spend two to three hours – and perhaps quite a bit of money – with a total stranger, in the hope that a romance might develop down the road. Often, this leap of faith is worth it and true love is found; other times, it’s a dead end, with one or both partner immediately recognizing that there is simply no romance to be had. And every so often – when a matchmaking app, a friend, or your very own common sense leads us astray — the evening can produce nothing but sheer and utter terror

The quotes below are some of the scariest things you can possibly hear on a first date. If the person sitting across from you at TGI Fridays utters any of the following lines, don’t walk: run.


“Meet my roommates: Mom and Dad.”

Portrait parents and daughter at home

Living at home is cool for a few years…not so much in your 30s.


“Commitment is really important to me — that’s why I’ve been married six times.” 

Succesful latin lover, a groom with four brides.

Beware of the man or woman who has already had multiple marriages.


“I hope you like cats. All twenty of them.”


Pets are great, and cats are cool. But there is such a thing as too much of any one thing.


“My people skills are super strong — they’re crucial in my work as a gigolo.”

Mr. Cool

Male escorts are not exactly known for their commitment to monogamous relationships.


“I have a great sense of humor — it’s crucial in my work as a birthday party clown.”

Depressed clown

And clowns are never to be trusted


“Kids? I love kids! I have lots and lots already.”

Group of children (3-11) playing with packing peanut with mother tied to chair in living room

Nothing wrong with dating a single mom or dad…but no one wants to inherit an entire preschool.


“I’m not saying my race is ‘better’, but…”


Racism must not be tolerated. Period.


“Sorry, that was my ex- husband/wife calling. He/she likes to know where I am at night. And at lunch. And in the morning.”

Man spying on women over fence

We all have pasts…but be careful with those whose pasts won’t let them go.


“We’re running out of time: GIVE ME YOUR SEED!”

Woman throwing babies in air (digital composite)

Knowing that you want children is great; needing to make it happen in a single night, not so much.



Man in bed with two women, one woman sulking

Just…no. Creep

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