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These Handmade Seashell Crowns Will Make Anyone Feel Like Royalty

When we go to the beach and pick up seashells, most of us probably just give them a quick look then toss them back on the ground. Sometimes you might put one in your pocket and have it saved on a shelf somewhere. Most of us haven’t looked at shells the way Chelsea from Chelsea’s flower crowns does! She has created some of the most stunningly beautiful crowns we have ever seen! Truly, we are in awe of her creativity and her skills in putting these beauties together!

She makes most of them with shells, crystals, chains and flowers. She has even made crowns for men to wear at festivals! While she is not currently receiving custom orders, you may still be able to purchase a handmade, one of a kind crown from her Etsy shop! Be sure to check out her Facebook Page as well!

It’s damn near impossible for us to choose a favorite. Amazing work, Chelsea!


#12crown 1

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#10crown 3


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