11 Things Every Teenage Daughter Wants To Tell Her Mom!

I can’t describe my mom in words here. What she did for me can’t be described in words. I had millions of fights, arguments and bad days with my mom, but the end of the day I always wanted her by my side. No matter how weird those fights were, I still love you a lot mom!

Hey, mom, I want to tell you something I never have before. I am not a baby anymore mom. But my love for you is unconditional!


1. I want you to believe in me, and not doubt the decisions I make for myself!

I feel confident when you show faith in my ideas and beliefs. When you show that you trust me, it reassures me of what I am doing is really right! When I am taking my first step forward towards adulthood, I need you and only you mom!

2. I am not trying to be a rebel… Just trying to fit in!

You may feel like I deliberately go against your wishes and do things you’ve especially warned me against – but that’s not true. Most of the times, I am just trying new things because my friends are too! But believe me, I wouldn’t do anything that would let you down. You’ve brought me up well, mom.

3. What you think is abnormal is sometimes quite normal for me!

And it’s neither of our mistakes. Times have changed, and we do have a bit of a generation gap between us. Please try to understand that a few things that actually shock you and leave you perplexed have become the norm for my generation.

4. I do want and need privacy at times, but that does not mean that I don’t want to spend any time with you

I need some me time mom but that doesn’t mean mom that I don’t need you! I am going through so many emotions and I want to manage things. I am trying to figure out things of my own. I want to share these emotions with you but please give me some time to first understand things myself and then open up with you!

5. My friends are important – and peer pressure is a very real thing.

What my friends and classmates think of me does matter to me. You may not approve of my company, but sometimes I need to learn from my own mistakes – and sometimes, you need to realise that that friend you dislike is not all that bad either.

6. I need you – much more than I say and much more than you can imagine!

My life is changing every day. From physical changes to emotional ones, sometimes it all gets rather overwhelming. I just want you to be there for me – pamper me, love me, and forgive me for my mistakes. Just like you used to when I was a little kid!

7. I have changed. I am not the same as when I was 11 years old!

Sometimes, you act like you know every little thing about my life – and so, your word is the final word. While you may know me very well, I have gotten to know myself pretty well too. I am learning about the things I am and am not okay with. Give me the freedom to think for myself, and make a few decisions about my life on my own. I am no longer the kid who needed to be spoon-fed – although, sometimes, I don’t really mind it either!

8. You can’t treat me like a kid and expect me to act like a grown up all at the same time!

Believe in my ability to be responsible with what I do, mom. If you think it’s fair to ask me not to behave like a kid sometimes, then trust that my decisions will be mature ones too!

9. I crave independence!

I suddenly feel like I can do anything I want and be everything I wish to be. I am a restless bundle of energy who wants to experience everything! And to be honest, when you try to hold me back, I really do feel like someone is trying to clip my wings. Don’t let your fears about me scare you, mom. I’ll be fine!

10. Some things I tell you are for your ears only!

I know you may feel the need to discuss some things I tell you with your friends – but I almost feel cheated in a sense when I tell you something and someone else gets to hear about it too. I want you to keep what I tell you or issues that are related to me to yourself sometimes. It’s between the two of us!

11. Communication is a two-way street – don’t always just try and discipline me, please?

Try not to be all stern and righteous when I’m just trying to share a story with you! I know you’re just trying to teach me something in your own way, but sometimes just hear me out instead of trying to discipline me. I would love to hear stories of your heartbreaks and goofups too – and trust me, that will make me confide in you even more.


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