9 Things Guys Only Do If They Are Truly Loyal In Relationship

Men are wired differently than women, they have a natural tendency of being the provider in the family and in order to accomplish that they sometimes fall short of being the kind of man all women desire. He looks at life not wanting to define it, judge it or to put it in a box. He might be madly in love with you but won’t tell you until he knows you’re the right person for him. But, what he doesn’t know is that he might be showing you signs he sees you as his partner for life without him even realizing it.

But not to worry, if your man has these 9 characteristics, he’ll always be faithful to you:

1. He keeps his promise

Your man always keeps his word. He stands by his word at all times. He’s not just a careless talker but a keeper of his word. He’ll even go out of his way, if necessary, to prove that he meant every bit of the promise he made.

2. He opens up to you about everything

When a guy is serious about you, he tells you what’s up. He opens up to you about his past relationships, his childhood and his life experiences. He tells you how he feels about the people that are in his life and you understand the nature of these relationships. He talks to you about what he wants in life; his goals and future for the plan. He shares with you things that he wouldn’t usually share with other people.

3. He doesn’t want you to change

You feel safe around him to be your true self. You don’t put a fake persona that you’re doing well and everything is so great when it’s the complete opposite. He gives you space to express yourself without judgment or perceived expectations. When you are together, you feel like you are your best self because he always encourages you to embrace who you are.

4. He makes you feel comfortable

When you’re a guy’s forever person, you feel at ease because all he wants is to make you feel good whether he knows it or not. He goes out of his way for you which is something a guy doesn’t usually do unless your comfort means something to him. He also financially contributes whether that he pays the bills, puts gas in your car, lends you money when you need it.

5. He take initiative

He will not ask you where you’d like to go for dinner? He’ll know exactly how to make you have a good time. Some men play it safe and avoid taking the lead because they don’t want to be criticized, but not a real man.

6. He makes time to see you

When you’re on a guy’s mind 24/7, it immediately shows. He lets you know that he’s thinking of you and he’s not afraid to show it. He tells you that he’s getting in touch because you’ve crossed his mind on his busy day at work. He lets you know that he misses you, that he wants to see you, that he wants to spend time with you.

7. He helps you out with chores and errands

He’s involved in having a life with you. He will want to help you with the housework and run errands for you. He gets the mail, does the dishes and helps you with the laundry.

8. He lets you use his phone

When a guy wants you in his future for good, he trusts you with the most valuable item he has; his phone. If it’s on lock, you know the passcode. He doesn’t have an issue you with you using his phone because he’s open. He doesn’t have anything to hide from you because his intentions for you are genuine and he wants to build a life with you that’s based on trust.

9. He loves being intimate with you

He treasures the emotional and physical connection between you. Besides whispering to you how beautiful you are or how he is going to make hot, passionate love to you when he gets back home in the evening, he also engages you in meaningful discussions about life, plans with you for the future, and cracks jokes to lighten and liven moments together.

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