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10 Things All Insanely Stylish Men Secretly Do

Fortunately for you, we’ve cracked the code.

Ever wondered what the smart man crossing the road a few days ago did to look so fashionable? On the other hand your grand-dad who dependably knows how to combine the right match of shoes with the right suit? Truly, men wouldn’t be found wearing anything besides a three-piece. Would could it be that these amazingly stylish men do to be so distinctive?

The brilliant rule of any advanced and stylish man is that he knows what he needs. Without a doubt, they take an ideal opportunity to value another man’s individual style. However they don’t have faith in being copycats. Furthermore, if you ever need to belong to this rare breed of extremely fashionable gents, there are some mandate rules that they follow. Starting here on, realize that there’s no thinking back. Characterize who you are with your cleaned and stand-out style.

1. Let Your Shoes Do The Talking

When you are wearing the most impeccable pair of oxford shoes you handpicked at a vintage shop in Belarus once upon a summer, you know you’re the incredibly stylish man in the room. And it’s not just one pair—this man will have a whole walk-in closet of the best shoes!

2. Have A Command On Your Suit Game

Stylish men wears some of the best looking suits out there but it doesn’t mean they are out of your reach. When we say best looking suits, we mean the fit, design and colours and not necessarily branded.

3. Dressed, but not to impress


When stylish men dress up on a daily basis looking like they’re making their way to watch a polo match or attending any other fancy do, they don’t dress to impress other people because they don’t want to be considered as stylish. They want to really own their individual style which is their secret of remaining a special kind.

4. Know the rules of style and when to break them

Once you learn all of the basic rules of menswear, you can confidently start to break them and do your own thing. That is a true sign of someone with a great individual sense of style.

5. Mix And Match Should Be Your Go-To Staple

For a style star there is no end to the number of clothes he can have in his wardrobe but he still prefers to mix and match his favourite pieces here and there. Even you can take 5-6 most essential wardrobe pieces, and mix and match them into different outfits.

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6. Know how to take care of and maintain our clothes

Once you subscribe to the concept of buying quality over quantity you will start to treat your clothes as an investment. Therefore, you will protect those investments by keeping them clean, storing them properly, and ensuring it’s longevity for years to come.

7. Wear Well-Fitting Clothes

You don’t have to be into fashion to understand this basic fact. No matter what you wear, make sure they fit you well. Make it a point to alter all clothes you buy to your fit. You should never be wearing anything too baggy or skinny.

8. Follow The Trends


Keep up to date with the latest trends in fashion. If you’re planning to buy shoes, buy the trendiest ones. Get the latest hairstyle, sport the beard everyone’s talking about. If you look fashionable, you will tend to look more attractive to people around. It doesn’t take much effort, trust us!

9. Or, Stick To The Basics

If you’re really handicapped when it comes to fashion, stick to the basics and wear them right. There are some colour combinations and style tips you can never go wrong with.

10. Jackets And Denims Bring Out The Manliness In You, Wear Them More Often

Stylist loves his jackets and denims so much so that he try to wearing them repeatedly at many events pointing towards his favouritism to these two trendy pieces. We suggest you have at least one leather jacket and two-three denim shirts in your wardrobe for sure.

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