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8 Things You Must Never Ever Do Immediately After Sex

Making love is not just about the physical intimacy, but also about the actions before and after the act.

Sex is about two adults who have mutual agreement to come together but that’s not just all it is! The moment both of you get over with this night of passion, your partner head towards your study and starts reading or turns over and falls into a dead slumber. What a turn-off indeed!

Your behavior means a lot to your partner and also is the basis of your future acts of intimacy. People often take their partner for granted and behave boorish. It surely steals the charm of your relationship and also annoys your partner.


Here are some things you must never do after making love.

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1. Rushing to the bathroom

Getting up and rushing to the bathroom just after making love is a terrible idea. Most people go to the bathroom to check their appearance, brush their teeth or take a shower. It is understandable that you want to be clean but sometimes just lying in the bed with your partner is much more intimate. Moreover you may feel the need to ‘freshen’ up after doing the deed – make sure you don’t use soap. Lathering up your nether-regions will soapy products can cause irritation and you may even experience an allergic reaction.

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2. Falling asleep at once

Most couples come across this problem where either one of the partners or both would fall asleep soon after having sex. It certainly is a big goof-up that can kill the charm of sex. Sleeping at once would not allow you to cherish your performance and neither let you enjoy the mood with which you enjoyed that night of passion.

3. Checking your mobile

Almost everyone does it. We know your time is valuable and you need to stay connected to the world, but the intimate moment with your partner is also a precious one, respect that. When it’s time to enjoy sex, it’s indeed a gaffe to keep your eyes and ears stuck onto your mobile phone waiting for a message or keeping an eye on your missed calls. It makes the other partner feel as if you’re just not interested and thus ruins all the fun.

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4. Dressing to leave

You are done and you are moving on, certainly it means lovemaking was just another task on your mind. You may be getting late for work but a minute of togetherness when you look into your partners eyes and bond at an emotional level goes a long way in your relationship.

5. Saying how good you were

You need not toot your own horn. You may feel that you were “superhuman” in bed today but saying that makes it cringe-worthy. It is better to compliment your partner, and if she/he feels you were good they will certainly say so.

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6. Turning on the TV

Listening to the problems of the free world or catching the latest score just after some great love-making may seem to be a very relaxing and luxurious idea but actually it is not. It shows your insensitivity towards the intimacy you just shared. If you have to watch TV, select something both of you can watch together.

7. Not cuddling

Some people just roll over and go to sleep after making love. It is better to cuddle and show your love and affection to each other. Look into each other’s eyes and relax in your partner’s arms. This is a great moment to bond and have a romantic conversation about your love, dreams and life.

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8. Heading towards study or work

What couples think of during sex remains an unanswered question. Those who head towards study-room right after a romp may just give the answer. Thinking books and reading is indeed a sex blunder! Like sexual moments, it’s equally important to enjoy the after-sex pleasure. If you rather descend towards your study, leaving behind your partner, it won’t bring any good to your sexual relationship. If you prefer reading a book instead of cuddling ..

Yes, these are the things that you should not be doing after making love. Don’t repeat these mistakes, to enjoy a great lovemaking experience, and much more!

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