Things Your Outfit Color Says About You

Dressing is a form of personal expression. Other people derive a lot about our personality just by looking at the colour of our clothes. Have you ever thought about that someday you just want to drench yourself in black colour while on the other days you might feel that a bright yellow colour will do you justice! Well the choice of our preferred colour is dominated by the mood that we are in, the kind of people that we are going to meet and also the kind of place that we will be visiting. Let’s find out which colour says what!

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1. Blueblkhjkg

Blue is the colour that has a relaxing and tranquilising effect on the mind. It is a soothing colour which says that you are in calm and relaxed state of mind and also that you are reliable and trustworthy. So if you are going for a job interview, blue is the colour that you should choose.

2. Redajrshgd

Red is the epitome of everything related to passion and love. Sighting of red colour in a room full of people increases the heart rate. Red is a bold colour, a show stopper and is empowering.So girls wearing red colour come across as confident and passionate.

3. Grey

There are 50 shades of grey supposedly, but they don’t really scream attention! Grey is a neutral shade that doesn’t say much about one’s mood and personality. Grey says that you are subtle and want to blend in with your surroundings.

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4. Purple

Purple is not a colour that you reach out to every day. Not many people have a preference for purple; they might hate it or be completely in love with it! Purple is the colour of royalties and represents regality and leadership. This colour also represents your artistic and creative nature.

5. Blackyfkhhlk

Black is easy to wear, is fuss free and goes with almost every other colour! Black colour screams power and it says that you are in control! Black is a classic colour which gives an air of mystery to the wearer. It is slimming and versatile.

6. Greencjhjh

Green is the colour that occurs naturally in the form of greenery around us. This colour is comforting, subtle and fresh. It takes us back to our natural roots. Green colour gives a message that the wearer likes to have a balance in life and harmony around.

7. Whiteall-white-party-outfit-ideas-5

White is the colour of purity and serenity. White means you are beginning with a clean slate and a positive outlook. White colour also says that you are an organized and detail-oriented person so wearing a crisp white shirt to your job interview could be a great idea too.

8. Pink

Pink is a colour that is symbolic of femininity. This colour also shows the unconditional love but in a demure way. Pink is not overpowering like the colour red. When you wear pink, it instantly makes you look and feel more lady like. This colour also shows the vulnerabilities in one’s persona.

9. Yellow

Yellow is a happy and bright colour. It has the power to brighten up any dull day as it represents sun. Yellow is symbolic of everything vibrant and cheerful but too much of yellow colour can be too harsh on the eyes.

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