12 Things Every Real Man Does When He’s in a Relationship

It’s one thing if a guy likes you, but is he really into you?

Some women feel a “Real Man” doesn’t exist—that he is impossible to find. Other women do not want someone like him. On the other hand, some men think they are the very definition of a “Real Man.” Other men feel there is no such thing. One thing is true, though: Those men who think they are the very definition of a “Real Man” and those who think they are not are both very often wrong.

A real man is not selfish, he his caring and he is a true gentleman. Such qualities may have gone out of fashion in some quarters, but these men do still exist. When the real man is happy in a relationship, he doesn’t become complacent and start to take things for granted, he becomes even more responsible and thoughtful, and here are ten more things that a real man will do when he is happy, in a relationship:

1. He loves and respects his woman 

He might not love her all the time, but he loves her. Not just her body, her possessions and her status, but all of her! He’s aware that as beautiful as her body is now, physical beauty fades. He therefore focuses his love and attention on her true beauty, which is found within her sensibilities and personality. He treats her like a lady, with dignity and respect. He doesn’t mind cooking her favorite meal, taking her out to wine and dine and paying the bills. He also expects love and respect from her.

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2. He will put effort into the relationship

Real mean are not apathetic about relationships and they do take women seriously. He will put in the time and effort into a relationship to make sure that you are happy and to make sure that it works.

3. He takes his responsibilities seriously

Real men take full responsibility for their actions and will always hold their hands for you, if they make a mistake. They will take arriving up on time to pick you up, as seriously as they would take on the responsibilities of being a husband or a father.

4. He apologizes for being late or not calling you back when he said he would

He is concerned about what you think of him and he tried to keep his word, and says he’s sorry when he doesn’t, and… provides a viable explanation. “I couldn’t pick up your call because I was in a meeting with my boss.”

5. He remembers things that you mention and follows up by asking about them

For example, if you had mentioned you had a performance review coming up on your job on Friday, and when he sees you on Friday night, he asks you how it went, that’s a winner! He is into you.

6. He remembers things that you mention and follows up by asking about them

For example, if you had mentioned you had a performance review coming up on your job on Friday, and when he sees you on Friday night, he asks you how it went, that’s a winner! He is into you.

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7. He protects his partner physically and emotionally

Not that a woman can’t protect and defend herself, but he is there for her anyway. He protects her in different ways, including providing financial security and comforting her and making her feel everything will be okay. He is ready to throw a good punch if necessary to defend her from physical aggressors. However, he thinks before he acts. He never makes a move until he is sure all details and specifics are in order. His moves are calculated, deliberate and assured. Abuse of any kind is never an issue when you are with him. He is considerate and treats everyone kindly.

8. He takes the first initiative- he leads

That’s because he wears the pants in the relationship. Of course, the pants are picked out by his woman, but he is still the leader. He steps forward and addresses issues in the relationship boldly. He does not wait for the woman to solve problems. If he is not sure how to address an issue, he seeks help or advice. Some men play it safe and avoid taking the lead because they don’t want to be criticized, but not a real man. A real man says, “I’ll handle it,” and takes the initiative to solve the issue in his way.

9. A real man won’t be over-possessive

You won’t get any wild accusations or paranoid behavior with a real man. He will trust you, just as you trust him and he will be more than happy that you have a life outside of the relationship, as well as within.

10. He makes real plans with you

He thinks ahead about things you can do together. If you’re just an affair, most of the time he spends with you is spur-of-the-moment. A guy that is truly interested will plan and ask ahead of time.

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11. Your career matters to him, too

He genuinely wants you to be happy. He may offer to help you study or learn a new app you need for your job. He is supportive and encourages you to move forward.

12. He know how to be romantic

And the last thing about real men that makes so great, is that they know how to treat a lady and they are not afraid to make romantic gestures. Old fashioned? Maybe, but who doesn’t like being lavished with gifts and romantic surprises!

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