15 Little Things That Mean A Lot to A Women

Simple, sweet gestures are often most cherished.

The small things you do for a woman are the ones that mean the most. Why? Because those are the things that show her you’re willing to put effort in for her, just because. No holiday or special occasion needed.


A good boyfriend or husband knows that any man who waits until Valentine’s Day to romance the woman in his life is missing the point 364 days out of the year. He also understands that while grand romantic gestures are great, the thought put into everyday activities are even better. Romantic signals and blessings aren’t unwelcome — who doesn’t prefer to be spoiled once in a while? Yet, it’s not the material objects that truly prove to us how much you care. As much as this is said, actions really do speak louder than words (and flowers!).

So whenever you’re hoping to inspire a lady, look to the accompanying 15 things ahead.

1. Never forget her birthday

Women have an attachment to their birthday that even science cannot explain; it might be just a day, but to her it’s a special day. Merely forgetting her birthday can cause a tumult greater than World War II. If you value your relationship with her, never ever forget her birthday, she might never forgive you

2. Leave Little Notes in Unexpected Places!

You want her to know that you are thinking of her throughout the day. You will be her hero if you do this! Women love little surprises, and after she finds a love note from you tucked into her coat pocket (or on the dashboard or in her lunch bag), she will be bragging to all of her girlfriends about what a wonderful man she has.

3. Cleanliness

A lot of men are in the habit of messing things up, leaving the house dirty and are even reluctant to clean things up. It might look little to the man and she would definitely clean up, but she surely wouldn’t be happy about it. No woman loves it when her man messes things up — even if she doesn’t say a word, she’s surely raging deep within.

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4. Actually tell her how you feel

Men are notorious for not being open and honest about their feelings, and just like you tell women you’re not a mind-reader, neither are they. She will appreciate you respecting her enough to open up to her.

5. Don’t take forever to respond to her text

You don’t have to be completely glued to your phone, but you probably are anyway. If she texts you, at least have the courtesy to text her back in a reasonable amount of time. It will show her that she is a priority to you even when you’re busy. It just takes a few seconds.

6. Don’t criticise her cooking

If you hate her cooking, well, keep it to yourself. Every woman loves it when her food is appreciated and not the other way round. If you criticise her cooking, you might be honest in your assessment, but this is definitely the kind of honesty that women hate.

7. Cook Up Some Love

She’s been cooking for you for how many years now? Do you tell her she’s a good cook? Do you thank her for making your favorite dishes, even though they take a lot of preparation? Have you ever watched her cook? Have you ever sat in the kitchen and watched her and talked to her while she cooked? Or do you always leave her in the kitchen alone?

Try something new. Sit in the kitchen and watch her, notice the shape of her neck, the curve of her spine. Watch her hands as she handles the food. These are the same hands that she uses when she’s at work doing whatever she does. These are the same hands that she used to put on her makeup, fix her hair and adjust her skirt.

8. When She Looks or Smells Great, Tell Her!

Don’t assume she knows she looks or smells good. Everyone wants and needs to hear when others notice them. She will always want to look and smell nice for you if you let her know how much you appreciate the effort. She married you because she wanted to make you happy—let her know she’s succeeding!

9. Listen to Her

This is also important. Every woman loves to be heard, every woman loves to be listened to — and she expects this from her man. This might seem so little, but to a woman it’s everything. She wants you to simply listen and at least make an attempt to understand. She doesn’t want you to give her the answer, but the support she needs to figure it out on her own.

10. Give her massages

She’s had a long day. And even if she hasn’t, why would any guy complain about this? It’s an excuse to get physically close to her and make her feel relaxed. As if you needed an excuse for that, though.

11. Give her space

The only thing worse than a guy who doesn’t give her enough attention is a guy who gives her too much attention. Sometimes she just wants to read a book or watch a trashy TV show by herself. Respect her alone time, it will allow her to rest and reset, and she will love you for it.

12. Offer Some Stress Relief

Did she come home in a bad mood? Tell her not to worry about dinner, you’ll order in. Then tell her to meet you in the bathroom because you’re going to run a nice hot relaxing bath for her. Don’t forget to light candles! She’ll be so pleased, she may even invite you to join her . . . before the water gets cold!

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13.  Show Her Chivalry is Not Dead

Don’t stop opening doors for her, pulling her chair out for her, letting her order first, and letting her pick the movie. Call me old-fashioned, but women still like a man who does these things. It shows her you are a gentleman and that you respect her.

14. Don’t Check Out Other Women

When you are with her, give her your full attention. Don’t let another woman in the room take your attention off of her. A woman wants to feel that she is in your focus. If you are checking out or watching other women, this will make her feel that you are constantly on the lookout for someone better. If you give her all of your attention, she will feel secure in the relationship and love you more.

15. Be Intimate

Has it been a while since you two have been intimate? Maybe work, kids, or other concerns have been getting in the way or leaving you tired at the end of the day. Don’t keep putting it off. She may think that you don’t care anymore, so she has stopped caring also. Tell her you have missed being intimate with her, and then tell her what you are going to do about it.

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