Things to Say That Will Leave a Girl Breathless

To leave a girl breathless with your words means you have said something that moves her deeply. Every man who is dating a woman wants to make her happy, and the words you say always make a big impact on how she feels. A few thoughtful words from the bottom of your heart can leave her breathless.

“You Have a Rare Beauty I Have Never Seen.”

  • Telling the woman you love that she has a rare beauty is a wonderful thing to say for several reasons. First of all, every girl loves to hear she is beautiful. The word captures physical attractiveness, mystery and character all in one. Secondly, rare beauty is even better because of the fact that it tells the girl that she is unique and one of a kind. The thoughtfulness of this special compliment will move her.

“You Captivate Me With Who You Are.”

  • When you let a woman know she captivates you, you are saying her presence is so powerful to you that it overwhelms you and grabs every bit of your attention. It demonstrates how big of an effect she has on you and what she does to you with her mere presence. Letting her know she is this inspiring to you will move her and give her joy.

“Your Passion Is Beautiful.”

  • When you tell a woman her passion is beautiful, you are focusing on something other than her appearance. Focusing on a specific passion she has, such as a passion for reading, gardening or helping the poor, will be specific enough to show her that you appreciate what she does. This observation can really make her day because it shows you love her for who she truly is; it will also inspire her to become even more involved with what she loves.

“I’ve Never Met Anyone Like You.”

  • Letting her know you have never met anyone like her is powerful because it singles her out among not only women you have dated but people you have ever encountered. Let her know what is singular and special about who she is. For example, she may be incredibly kind, sweet or talented, or she may have patience like you have never encountered. Bring up whatever stands out about her character.

“I Want to Spend the Rest of My Life Getting to Know You.”

  • This statement is better than just saying you want to spend the rest of your life with her because it is more specific. When you say you want to spend the rest of your life getting to know her, she has a mental image of the two of you talking several years down the road as you continue to discover more about one another. She also knows you definitely have plans to be with her for a long time.


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