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9 Things Women Want In Bed But Are Afraid To Ask For

A woman’s mind is a mysterious thing. We have an intuition that is near psychic, we take a deep understanding in order to love, and we change our minds more regularly than we change our clothes. But if you are able to lock into our desires and what our minds really want, then you can access more pleasures and amazing things than you can imagine. How do you do this? Well asking your girl what she wants is a good start, listening to her is another step, and lastly, be a mind reader whose only job is to please your queen. Or just read this post for a little insight into a ladies mind.

1. Being blindfolded

Women love the idea of not knowing what’s coming next. Since the release of “50 Shade Of Grey” and light bondage has become more mainstream and an open discussion platform, women have been embracing their darker side and most would be more than excited to try out some blindfold bondage play with you. She may never bring this up, so grab a blindfold, lay it on her and do mysterious things.

2. Play a little rough

You will be surprised to see this in the list, but yes some women do like their men to be a little dominant in bed, at times. This does not mean that you have to go all the way rough on her. It is best to control your emotions and see how she reacts to it. But, yes, some women do enjoy getting into the rough areas and a little dirty talk to top it up! Also, an occasional change is always good to keep your act between the sheets, fresh and enjoyable.

3. A sexy photoshoot

She may seem shy. but if you are good at making her feel like she is the most beautiful woman you know, she may feel comfortable and completely aroused at the idea of have a sexy photo shoot with you. Don’t get too graphic with it, use a subtle art of sexy and seduction to make her feel like a super model.

4. Dirty talk

Most women need to be mentally stimulated as well, and dirty talk helps to activate the fantasy playing out in their minds. Tame bedroom antics are a passé, be colorful in what you do and say to her while doing the deed. I’m sure we don’t have to tell you what to say without being censored, put your imagination to good use.

5. Role play

It might sound like it will be really corny to role play with your partner. But in actuality it can be really fun to pretend to be people totally unlike yourselves and can really unleash some hidden sexual sides between you two that you didn’t even know you had.

6. Trying new positions

There are certain positions that maybe certain people weren’t interested in before or things just didn’t work out, but there are always positions that girls secretly want to try. There is always going to be something exciting about doing something new in the bedroom. So even if it doesn’t work out well, then you could always try to suggest something else and be able to explore new positions and see what you both like.

7. Change locations

Instead of always waiting for nighttime, when you both have gotten ready for bed and your about to turn the lights off, to start getting it on. Change up your locations. This can go along with the random grabs and spontaneous sex. It can really turn someone on to be in the kitchen and just start having sex. It brings something new to the table and can really help to spice things up every once in a while.

8. Kissing and cuddling after sex

There’s nothing worse than going into separate corners after finishing sex and letting it get too awkward. You two just got very intimate with each other, and there needs to be time spent together after that. Many girls would enjoy kissing during and after sex, especially because some guys forget that girls like that. Cuddling after sex shows them that it meant something to you, too and that it was enjoyable for the both of you.

9. Give each other cute nicknames

Put a little fun and lightheartedness into your relationship. Find something adorable and quirky to call each other and have a good laugh about it, use these secret little names in private and in public and enjoy having something silly and special between the two of you.

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