The accounts given here today, will resonate with you like nothing else. A collaboration of Taoist, Catholic, Cabala, Egyptian, Hindu, Buddhist and Gnostic teachings that have been passed down throughout history. Many accounts have been shrouded in secrecy and given in code only to chosen initiates, as this immortal path is

taken only when the souls progression reaches maturity after many incarnations.

Whether it be a death of the living, known as rebirth or ‘twice born’, or permanent death where the soul leaves the body upon sickness or old age. These 12 steps may be taken, if the seeker is deemed ready to join the Gods as an immortal soul. What we will focus on today, is how to achieve a spiritual rebirth to enlightenment of the living so hold onto your seats, because it a great journey!

1.You are Filled with a Light

The light permeates your entire being, but is not without shape or form, in fact it holds a shape of its own and many forms within it. A like to the microbial of a cell, this light consumes the soul, and temporarily restores it to source consciousness. The light acts as a transmitter for universal wisdom and knowledge and brings the seeker forward to undergo a life review.

the lightThere have been many accounts of near death experiences where people attest to seeing a light and speaking to God and return filled with a greater knowledge of themselves and the life in which they exist.

Upon permanent death as spoken above, if deemed that the seeker should return and reincarnate, the life review progress commences and the seeker proceeds through the birth canal for reincarnation. If the seeker has reached spiritual maturity and has progressed to the point where incarnation is no longer a function for their soul called journey, the seeker will then undergo these next steps.

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