10 Most Impressive Photos Justifying A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

The World is a tough place to live’ and these photos prove this proverb every time.

These powerful pictures narrate a story itself! With a little sense of perfect timing, a picture can create a story and also a remarkable history.

Visuals always help to push the message in a most powerful way.

1. This was captured when second plane hit the tower.


The World Trade Center – On September 11, 2001, Two American Airlines Flight 11 and United Airlines Flight 175 – were hijacked by 19 Al Qaeda terrorists. And this picture was taken when second plane hit the north tower causing nearly 3000 people die.

2. Photographer trying to showcase the fear of death.


Photographer Kevin Carter took this photo of a little girl in southern Sudan. You can see a vulture preying upon a girl. Carter waited for 20 minutes, hoping that a vulture could spread his wings, but it didn’t so he took a photo and saved the little soul. This picture sold to The Newyork Times where it appeared in public for the first time and became famous as ‘Metaphor for Africa’s Despair.’ Carter won Pulitzer for the picture, but Carter was criticized for not helping the girl, So he committed suicide three months later.

3. A still of Princess Diana became popular after her death.


The most loved Princess Diana died in the year 1997. This picture was taken by photographer Patrick Dermarchelier. And it became popular after her death and it’s considered as most iconic photo of Princess Diana.

4. The Burning girl was rescued and alive.


The Photographer Nick Ut, clicked this picture and he claims that he saw a naked little girl running. Their village had been bombed with naplam. It saved the little girl and poured water on her. Now this girl lives in Ontario.

5. Prior sense of death.


NASA might have prior knowledge that they can’t make it to earth. So they clicked this picture.

6. The Power of One


This picture won the Pulitzer award in 2007 shows the Power of one. Photo’s citation reads, “Awarded to Oded Balilty of The Associated Press for his powerful photograph of a lone Jewish woman defying Israeli security forces as they remove illegal settlers in the West Bank.

7. The Helping hand


The Photographer Mike Wells, pictured this and ashamed of taking it. It was taken at Karamoja, Uganda shows the hand of starving boy in the hand of missionary. He received the World Press Photo Award for this.

8. The joy of first pair of shoes


Werfel, a six year old orphan had received his first pair of shoes and this was published in Life magazine in 1946.

9. Major Terri Gurrola reunites with her daughter after a year.


This picture was taken while Major Terri Gurrola, reunited with her daughter after a year-long and she thought that her daughter might forgot her but she remembered resulting Gurrola to tear out hard.

10. Buzz Aldrin photo on Moon with the reflection of Neil Armstrong.


This photo is of Buzz Aldrin while they were on the Moon with the reflection of Neil Armstrong in his visor. Rare photos!

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