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Tiger – Dream Interpretation

A tiger is nothing but a beautiful and wild big cat! This black striped yellow colored beast is known for the kind of bravery and strength it has.
Dreaming of a tiger depicts your bravery and strength since these two are the major qualities of this animal.
Try thinking about the problems that you are going through in your waking life. Is your relationship worse than anyone can imagine? Are you having major problems at work? Do you lack qualities to be better in your job? If yes, then seeing a tiger in your dream is a very good and positive sign. If you dream of a tiger freely roaming in the jungle or forest, it means that you are going to have some positive things in your life. Your problems will be solved.
For all those who are about to break-up with their partners, tiger dreams can save their relationships. Your bond with your partner will strengthen, if you see a tiger roaming behind your closed eyelids.
Dreaming of an angry tiger represents your sexuality. If you are unable to take out time for your sexual needs, you are bound to dream of a growling and angry tiger.

A tiger represents strength, bravery, sexual needs, sexual cravings, sexual contentment and enemies.
Dreaming of fighting tigers represent problems between you and your friends. There are some major clashes that have recently taken place between you and some of your closest friends. Don’t worry – this is just a bad time and it will surely pass away!
Dreaming of tigers making love depicts your sexual feelings. You are sexually active at the moment and are content with whatever is being served to you in bed. In simple words, you are sexually at bliss, thanks to your partner.

Most Common Tiger Dreams:
• A smiling tiger – Such a dream means that your higher self is with you in this bad time. You are going to conquer your fears.
• Being chased by a tiger – Even though you are trying hard to run away from your problems, you are unable to escape in your waking life, if you get such a dream.
• Seeing yourself as a tiger – You are an extremely brave person, if you see such a dream.

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