Today She Turns 34. Priyanka Chopra’s Unknown facts You Had No Idea about..

Before there was Quantico or Barfi! or even Fashion, there was a girl in the small town of Jamshedpur who wanted to experience life.

Her father was in the army so she would move to a different city every few years. This kept her from making lifelong friends but she found solace in the mystery of the new places she visited.

24 years later, she continues to fuel her dream of experiencing life in various parts of the world.

And while she’s busy taking India to the world, we found a few lesser known things from her life that you have no idea about.

Andaaz wasn’t her debut moviepriyanka 2

Many of us live with the misconception that Priyanka Chopra made her debut opposite Akshay Kumar and Lara Dutta in Andaaz. When in fact, her on-screen debut was the Tamil movie called ‘Thamizhan’.

Shah Rukh Khan asked her the final question in the Miss India competitionpriyanka 3

SRK was chosen as the celebrity to ask the contestants of Miss India a question. SRK asked a hypothetical question about who Priyanka would like to marry: a sportsman, a businessman or an actor. Priyanka said she would like to tie the knot with a sportsman.

Who knew years later, Priyanka Chopra would go on to work with SRK in many movies.

She’s the first Indian Actress to have her foot impression at Salvatore Ferragamo Museum in Italypriyanka 4

Joining the ranks of Audrey Hepburn and Drew Barrymore, Priyanka Chopra has her foot impression cast in the legendary Salvatore Ferragamo Museum in Italy.

She has a pet lioness and a pet tigresspriyanka 5

Having a soft-spot for the wildlife, Priyanka Chopra adopted a tigress named Durga from the Birsa Biological Park in Ranchi, Bihar, in 2011. A year later, she adopted a 16-year-old lioness from the same park.

She made her singing debut way before you think

‘In My City’ wasn’t her singing debut. She made her singing debut way back in 2002 for the Tamil film Thamizhan. Her song was received quite well by the audiences.

She finds it impossible to exit without her Nikon camera.priyanka 6

She wants to be able to relive moments later, hence, loves to capture life as she goes on with it. Her love for candid pictures has grown over the years. So much so that she finds it impossible to leave home without her camera.

She wanted to become an engineer or a psychologistpriyanka 7

At 13, she moved to the US to study and by sophomore year, it became her life’s ambition to pursue a career in software engineering or criminal psychology.

She gave an incorrect answer during the Miss World Questions and Answer roundpriyanka 8

When American TV show host Jerry Springer asked her who she thought was the greatest woman alive, Priyanka made a faux pas. After a moment of hesitation, Priyanka responded with Mother Teresa who had died 3 years ago.

All of 18 at the time, Priyanka did not expect to win the competition after the goof up.

She loves her fast food1-17

She loves to hog on french fries and pizza at the end of a long shoot. Having blessed with a sweet tooth, Priyanka’s obsession with sweets is also her well kept secret.

How does she manage to stay so fit after all of this? Only God knows.

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