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Tongue – Dream Interpretation

Tongue is a part of your mouth, just like your teeth. Tongue helps you taste different things. It is because of this part of your mouth that you understand what is good enough to eat and what is not tasty at all. Tongue also allows you to talk to others and helps you communicate with them, nicely.
Dreaming of tongue indicates expressions and communication. If you see your own tongue in your dream, it means that you are trying your level best to communicate with people. If you are happily noticing your tongue, it means that you are able to express yourself in the most appropriate manner. On the other hand, if you are unable to see your tongue properly in your dream or feel sad about it, it means that there are a lot of things that are left unsaid.
Dreaming of someone slashing your tongue with a knife or sword means that the others don’t understand you the way you expect them to. You want to share a lot of things with them, but they don’t have time and mind to understand what you wish to tell them.
Dreaming of a lot of hair on your tongue means that you regret something that you’ve said to someone in your waking life.

A tongue represents communication, sensuality, sexual feelings, taste or preference, expressions and back-biting.
If you dream of someone biting his tongue, it means that there are some people around you that are saying ill-things about you in your waking life. Try being away from such souls because they don’t want you to progress and they are extremely jealous about your success.
If you dream of someone piercing your tongue with a fork, it means that you have terribly back-bitten about someone.

Most Common Tongue Dreams:
• Pulling the tongue – If you dream of pulling your tongue out, it means that you have no control over what you say.
• Licking something with your tongue – Such a dream depicts sexuality in your life. You have a lot of sexual feelings in your heart, at present, and you want to express them to your partner.
• Teasing someone with your tongue – Your relationship with that person is going to damage in your waking life, if you see such a dream.

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