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Top 3 Eyebrow Mistakes

Ok, we get it. Eyebrows are HUGE right now — literally. The full, bold, natural brows that swept the beauty world last year have proven to be anything but a passing phase. Oh no, they are going strong and so are the endless products that aim to help us achieve the brows of our dreams. However, brows are not something to be taken lightly and one wrong move can throw your whole upper facial area out of whack. [See also: The Best Night Creams, According to a Pro]

Mistake #1: Over-Plucking the Center 

“There is a common misconception that brows must align with your nostril, but they should actually align with the top bridge of the nose. Separating brows too far apart makes your natural facial features appear wider,” instructs Vucetaj.

Mistake #2: Over-Trimming Brows 

Avoid over-trimming brows, as it can create a choppy and uneven brow. “Actually, very few women actually need trimming,” explains Vucetaj. “When trimming, brush upward and just trim the hairs that stick out noticeably above the rest. You want to keep brows looking neat and even, but by keeping them naturally feathery you are also promoting a more lush brow. And never trim into the arch! It will result in a flat brow. Always tweeze in dull lighting and avoid magnifying mirrors, as they can cause you to lose perspective and over-tweeze,” she says.

Mistake #3: Going Overboard With Product 

Everyone wants fuller, bolder brows, but some can go overboard with the brow pencil. Vucetaj suggests toning down the intensity. “I suggest going no more than a shade darker than your brows,” she says. “This will enhance your brows and bring out your eyes without exaggerating them. Brows are meant to enhance your features, not to distract from them. A good brow pencil should give the illusion of natural hairs and not look like it’s tattooed on.”

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