Top Ten Indian Romantic Novels, Still fresh in my heart….

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The Indian film industry has the popularity of producing high quality romantic movies. Some of which are inspired from the Novels by Indian authors. However, the Indian Literature is stuffed with romance and emotions which are enjoyed much all over the world. Here is a list of top 10 Romantic novels in English language (by Indian authors) and a little description about each of them.

10. Law of Averages: A Hilarious Love Story-Filmi Ishtyle.


This novel is simply a mixture of comedy and romance and has been written in a typical bollywood style. Kshitish Padhy, the author has tried to portray a fun loving ambitious but kinda stupid guy Ritwik as the main character.

His Lady Luck doesn’t favor him in the beginning part of the story as he has to struggle a lot through his career as a script writer in a comics industry. He meets the love of his life Shubhangi, wants to marry her.

Finally, he spends much of his time winning the heart of her father so that he gives a nod for their marriage. Nevertheless, he fails again and again, thus, filling this story with small twists and fun.

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9. You Were My Crush! Till You Said You Love Me! 


First of all, this story is based on the life of author’s real brother Benoy Roy, which makes this story really interesting. Benoy is a lazy and spoiled rich brat who falls into the realms of love.

It starts with a simple facebook chat and he ends up fantasizing for her. Will Benoy get his love of life? What will happen to Benoy’s broken relation with his dad? Read the novel to enjoy the full story.

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8. For Your Beautiful Dreams


Satyapal Chandra and Nazia Tasneem present a touching story of two innocent hearted, ambitious B.Tech students. Ravi and Priya love each other, but all of a sudden Priya’s attitude towards him changes. He gets very disappointed and leaves her.

Then finally Ravi realizes the sacrifice made by Priya and feels very sad about the same. Why did Priya change her behavior towards him? What was the sacrifice that she made? Do read this beautiful novel to know it.

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7. Never Kiss your Best friend


Remember Sumrit Shahi, the author of the best selling romantic novel A Lot Like Love…A Li’l Like Chocolate’? The next best selling awesome romantic novel from her. She have written this book as a sequel continuation of her first novel ‘Just Friends’

In this book ‘Never Kiss Your Best Friend’ she talks about two best friends – Tanie Brar and Sumer Singh Dhillon. She takes us through three different stories – initial school life of two best friends, soul mate story of 2 youngsters – and finally the controversial part where they meet after a gap of 5 years.

Personally I went through lots of school day memories, the personal moments with my best friend and so more. Also , the author has tried to convey a message indirectly – ‘Stay Away from Drugs’ in the novel. Read the complete review on Never Kiss your Best Friend here.

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6. Accidentally In Love

The author, Nikita Singh has very boldly crafted the issues related to relationships and presented them from the point of view of a girl, actually a grown up girl. Although the story has some erotic scenes, overall it is a good read especially for women folk who are in a relationship.

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5. I loved A Street Woman

Captain Aviral accompanies an unknown girl Umrao on a trip. They visit old cities and experience the strange practices and cults of these places. They explore the unseen lives and many secrets together until all of a sudden Umrao disappears.

Will Aviral find her again and accept this street girl as her life partner? Read this adventurous piece of romance by Nitin Vinay Khare.

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4. That’s the Way We Met

Sudeeep Nagarkar takes us from the busy metropolitan cities of Mumbai and Delhi to the impressive natural scenery of Manali. He presents the tale of two lovers Aditya and Riya and the challenge their love has to face to stand against the test of time. Does love always succeed? Find it out by yourself.

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3. Plz. Kiss me or Kill me

If you are really a person who gives much importance to love and friendship, then you should go for this novel. The characters have been well presented and their glamorous medical world is awesomely portrayed. Although there is some violence associated with the characters, it adds the charm to the overall emotional outlook of the book. A must read it is.

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2. Few Things Left Unsaid


This is the debut novel of great writer Sudeep Nagarkar. It has everything that is needed in a typical love story: An awesome plot, a simple narration, a usual guy who is forced to go for engineering course, a beautiful smart girl, cheating in love, break-ups, twists and turns, and a good ending. A must read for all college going folks.

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1. 2 states: The story of my marriage

2 states by chetan bhagatChetan Bhagat is one of the best contemporary authors of India and guess how the story of his own life would look like? Yes, this novel is about the authors own love story with a girl from other state of India. The two lovers set up their minds to get a nod from their parents about their marriage.

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Do they succeed? Of course they do, but the real fun is in knowing how they do it. This novel was lately converted into a super duper bollywood blockbuster.

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