8 ‘Toxic’ Relationship Habits that are Actually Healthy

True love is when two people’s characters complement one another’s.

In recent years experts have been able to shed some light on a few habits that we’ve been told will destroy our relationships. In reality these very habits that are labeled as ‘toxic’ can actually help your relationship, even save it in some cases.

If you have a desire to improve the health of your relationship, consider these 8 relationship habits that may make things better for you and your partner.

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1. Leaving some conflicts unresolved

Have you ever heard the phrase, “you should never go to bed angry?” Though the core message of this phrase may be spoken with good intentions, the reality is you will have conflict with your partner and sometimes it’s best to not resolve everything right away. Should you have open and honest communication about all matters of life and your relationship? Yes. Does that mean that you have to agree on absolutely everything? Absolutely not. The key to having a healthy and fulfilling relationship is to understand that you will have disagreements from time to time, and sometimes the best way to handle it is admit you’re both human beings with different backgrounds and views, and then to let go of the rest.

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2. Being willing to speak the truth

Sometimes we withhold the truth from our partner because we are afraid of hurting their feelings, but if you want to have a healthy and lasting relationship, you need to be willing to be honest, even if the truth will hurt. If your goal is to simply “keep the peace”, but that involves only partial truths, your relationship will never succeed. A strong relationship is built on principles of honesty, trust, and loyalty, and you will never find peace in your relationship unless you understand that withholding the truth from your partner will only hurt you both in the long-term. If you tell a small lie today about something that honestly bothers you, it will fester down the road and cause long-term damage.

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3. Accepting your partner’s fault

No matter how much they might irritate you or rouse you with rage… After a point, it’s better to accept him the way he is and stop expecting him to change. Accept the little flaws and quirks and know that he must be doing the same! It may be our perfections that attract one another. But it’s our imperfections that decide whether we stay together or not.

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4. Spending time away from each other

Of course it’s important to spend time with your partner, but sometimes it’s even healthier to take some time away. I’m not suggesting that you get separated—I’m talking about an evening out with some old friends or a weekend trip on your own. When you spend all of your waking moments with your partner you begin to lose your individual identity, and being in touch with your identity is imperative to having a healthy relationship. So every once in a while, give yourself from space, and when you come back together you and your partner will be grateful you did.

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5. Healthy flirting

Found that guy at the pub sitting across you really charming? That’s normal! Healthy flirting might be perceived as a toxic habit by some. But if and your partner are secure enough in your relationship, there’s really no harm in it. Checking someone out and getting some attention from them is completely healthy, girls!

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6. Having a few secrets

Yes, it’s all right to not want to share every teeny tiny detail about your life with your partner. It may be your best friend’s secret, your secret or even something about your past that you absolutely don’t want to re-surface. It’s not wrong or unhealthy to want to hide these and never want to talk about them.

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7. Being a little too honest

You’ve been working yourself too hard and it’s starting to show – with dark circles, back ache, weight gain or loss, etc. He might not want to be the one to open your eyes to this but he does and it’s for your own good. Sometimes, hurting the other person’s feelings a little bit can actually be a good thing.

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8. Having a healthy competition with each other

It’s only going to help you perform better at life, at work and in every other sphere of life. But remember, the key is to keep the competition healthy. While you celebrate each other’s success, take a cue from your partner and push yourself to work harder in order to achieve whatever it is you want to.

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True love is when two people’s characters complement one another’s. Love is, by definition, crazy and irrational. And the best love works when our irrationalities complement one another and our flaws enamor one another.

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