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10 Trendy Tips to Make Your Diwali Super Stylish

Here's to a happy and stylish Diwali!

Diwali, the Indian new year amongst Hindus. A festival celebrating love, happiness and togetherness. A festival of spending time with your loved ones, of socializing, of playing card games with family, goring on yummy snacks and savouries and of course a festival to flaunt your fashion sense and dress to impress. Diwali, unlike some other Indian festivals allows you to dress up and make a style statement. Since it is a week-long festival it gives you ample of scope to wear your best clothes and look your gorgeous best! We understand dressing right for the occasion can be quite a task so here we list down 10 tips to dress your best this Diwali. The most important thing is to be comfortable and wear your gorgeous smile on your face always.

1. Go all Traditional


Diwali comes only once a year and it is your best time to flaunt your Indian wear. So go ALL traditional. Wear that beautiful Paithani saree your mother got for you and pair with the beautiful nathini (nose ring) or wear the gorgeous Kanjeevaram saree and put on some gold jewellery which will put others to envy.

2. Fusion


If traditional ain’t your thing go fusion! Combine Indian and western wear. For the men wear a sexy pair of jeans with the Bandhgala or a Nehru jacket with a nice shirt. Women can wear traditional embroidery skirts with simple and basic looking tops and accessorise it to give a nice traditional look.

3. Colours

Colours work the best irrespective of fashion, festivities and fads. Wear a range of colours, you can probably have a personal colour- dress code for everyday occasions. Red for Laxmi Pooja, blue for Bhaidooj, etc. You can wear multicolored prints and pair it with a classic bracelet-watch to go with the look. Dress well.

4. Footwear


Footwear really defines a person’s sense of style and fashion. Pair your outfit with nice Jodhpuri or Kolhapuri chappals. You can wear nice flipflops which are stylish yet comfortbale embellished with designs and glittery stones. Wear heels that are comfortable and avoid stilettos or pencil heels as they may fidget with your outfit causing you discomfort.

5. Jewellery


Ornaments beautify an individual’s overall look. Wear good jewellery and pair it well with your outfit and footwear. If your dress it traditional with loud colours wear a statement piece of jewellery like a big necklace. Do NOT wear too many jewellery pieces else the overall look can turn out to be gaudy. Go mix and match pair funky junk jewellery with traditional and traditional jewellery with a indo-western wear but do it really well else you may end up looking like a fashion disaster.

6. Wear the theme

If you are going to attend a Diwali party or throwing one yourself, dress according to the occasion. If the party is all about fun and games and socializing wear fusion that is trendy and comfortable, if the party is dancing and merry making wear trendy tops, stylized jackets harem pants and pallazos that would guarantee comfort for long and if the occasion is about performing pooja and worshipping the deity wear sarees or anarkali suits. Avoid light colors like white as it would be difficult to wash off the stains incase you spill something on them.

7. Harem pants to rock the Diwali bash


Harem pants in one ensemble that can be worn traditionally or as a western outfit. It all depends on the way you desire to look. Make your Diwali bash grand by pairing up harem pants with a rich and heavy halter neck top made of silk or some other shiny fabric. The result? You look drop dead gorgeous, and you will be the star of the party considering how unique and amazing your attire is.

8. East meets West: 


If you want to try something different, this is one of the crazy fashion tips for Diwali that we have for you. Instead of a regular salwar or a churidars as the bottom for your lovely kurta, you can try trousers instead. This combination looks chic, and you will be the perfect epitome of the proverbial ‘east meets west’ theory.

9. Off-shoulder blouses are in 

For those lovely ladies out there who plan to dress up in a saree, here is the catch. Instead of the plain blouses that you usually opt for, try an off-shoulder one this time round. These blouses are different from the routine halter necks or bra-strap blouses that have become too commonplace these days. So go for an off-shoulder blouse this Diwali, and make heads turn.

10. Let your skin glow

Make sure you are through with your hair spa session and glow peels, a day before Diwali. Besides the routine treatments, you can also go for a body polishing session to radiate a glow from head to toe. Also, get some trendy nail arts done on your fingers. You can also get some highlights done in your hair to jazz up your look.

These are some crazy fashion tips for Diwali that you can try this time round. Unique and different is the trend this season, and we are sure some of the ideas here will work for you. Of course you can try something of your own as well; there is no restriction on the extent to which we can innovate. So experiment and dress up differently this Diwali!

Wish you a happy and stylish Diwali!

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