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The Truth Behind These 7 Magic Tricks Will Leave You Surprised

If you ask me the best and most mysterious moments of my childhood, then going to a circus, watching a magician performing and listening to the ghost stories fastly strike my mind. Among these, magicians especially used to take me to a different world altogether. The world where everything seemed to be possible. From walking on water to turning burning paper into money, everything I can imagine was possible.

Now, as I have grown older, I took some pain to really find out how these things happen.

#1 Cutting the body apart.

download (2)

So this is how a model enters in a wooden case and gets her body halved into two unique pieces. A model already occupies space in the block and then what happens is in front of you.

#2 The Levitating Woman, the dynamo way!


The board on which the woman is lying is actually held up by a metal rod. The chairs do nothing at all. When the magician isn’t standing there, the metal rod is clearly visible, which otherwise gets hidden by his legs. The platform that the magician is standing on is the biggest key to this trick.

#3 Again, cutting the body.


This time, the only difference is that the model shrunk her body and an artificial couple of feet attached at the other end of the board.

#4 To the air.


Here the trick remains quite similar to that of which we saw in #2.

#5 You must have witnessed such people on the street.


The image tells it all that the whole setup is hidden inside the performer’s dress. He just sits comfortably on it.

#6 Curve boxes.

download (4)

So this is how a body slides in and then the magician puzzle it out.

#7 Michael Jackson dance trick.

download (3)

Although, MJ is the greatest dancer ever. But, this trick of his really left people in awe. So the shoes are to be made stuck in this mould, and you can copy him.


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