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10 Best Beard Products of 2022: Oils, Serums, and More

Beards have been around for centuries, and they’re not going anywhere anytime soon. If you’re thinking about growing a beard, you’re in good company. In recent years, beards have become more popular than ever before. In fact, a survey of 2,000 men conducted by The Guardian found that nearly 60% of respondents were interested in growing a beard.

With the popularity of beards on the rise, there’s no shortage of products on the market. From beard oils to beard trimmers, there are plenty of options to choose from. But with so many products on the market, it can be tough to know which ones are worth your money.

To help you make an informed decision, we’ve put the best beard products that can help you in keeping your facial hair healthy and stylish.

Best Beard Products if You are a Real Beard Lover

1. UrbanMooch Boar Bristle Beard Brush

best beard products
UrbanMooch Boar Bristle Beard Brush

If you are using the right brush for your beard then it can make a huge difference in your beard’s appearance and health. If you also want an awesome, healthy, and attractive beard then try UrbanMooch Boar Bristle Beard Brush. Because they are made of natural fibers, they are extremely long-lasting and there is less chance of irritation, like the kind which can occur with synthetic brushes. This is one of the best beard product that you can grab right now.

2. Ustraa Beard Growth Oil

best beard products
Ustraa Beard Growth Oil

You want to grow your beard! Right? But the fact is most men find it difficult to grow a beard initially. But do not worry. Beard oils are a simple solution to your problem. If you also want to grow and tame your beard then look no further than to invest in Ustraa Beard Growth Oil. Infused with natural ingredients like amla and watermelon seed help keep the beard healthy, nourished and well-groomed.

3. Sagrach Beard Shaper Tool with Comb

best beard products
Sagrach Beard Shaper Tool

Nowadays beard shaping tools are in trend because they are useful and uniquely designed. These shaper templates can be used as a guide to trim or draw lines to your facial hair. You can shape up your cheek line into a round-cut, step-cut, or straight-cut, usually with just one beard line up tool. And this Sagrach Beard Shaper Tool is a very handy product made from high-quality plastic. It is 100% transparent, so you can see exactly where your beard is underneath while shaping your beard.

4. Mi Corded & Cordless Waterproof Beard Trimmer

best beard products
Mi Beard Trimmer

Most men including you, like to trim their beards and spent lots of money at the barbershop. But using a good quality trimmer you can shape up your beard and give them a trendy look. You can buy Mi Corded & Cordless Waterproof Beard Trimmer with a lot of features. It comes with two combs and a total of 40 length settings to suit any kind of beard style. The blades are made of stainless steel and it comes with support for corded as well as cordless use. The most amazing thing is that it also works with most power banks, and there’s a dedicated travel mode that helps save more battery while traveling.

5. Parker Safety Stainless Steel Straight Razors

best beard products
Parker Safety Stainless Steel Straight Razors

If you are a person who wants a perfect shaving tool for your beard then you must go for the straight razors. It is a traditional kind of razor and with a bit of practice, you can get the closest shave of your life. Parker Safety Razor is designed in such a way that you will get hardly any cuts.

6. Mr. Gentlemen Valise – Wizard Box

best beard products
Mr. Gentlemen Valise – Wizard Box

If you have grown your beard then now its time to treat your beard better! It can be pretty overwhelming at first. You want to try lots of products. And if you are a person who doesn’t want to waste your money on lots of products then this box has all essential grooming products for your beard. The kit contains a beard wash, beard oil, beard balm, beard serum, a magic potion, and a beard comb. A perfect gifting option too!

7. Beardcare Organic Real Man Wooden Comb for Beard

best beard products
Beardcare Comb for Beard

If you have a perfect length beard but keeping it nicely groomed is kind of a battle. And when it comes to beard we introduce you to the beard comb. Yes, if you are a beard lover and want to maintain your beard then you must buy a beard comb as it will give you the look you want and also train your hair to grow in a certain direction. Beardcare Organic Real Man Wooden Comb for Beard is one of the best beard combs you will ever have. It offers a great grip and is extremely easy to control.

8. Spruce Shave Club Beard Shampoo

best beard products
Beard Shampoo

For those who want a full and thick beard, Spruce Shave Club Beard Shampoo has carefully crafted with hand-picked ingredients and essential oils to cleanse your beard of all dirt & impurities and deliver a cleaner softer and healthier beard. This, in turn, helps keep your beard fresh & constantly hydrated. It will add a nice shine to your beard for the best beard look and provide long-lasting refreshment. Plus, it has no side effects as it is completely sulfate and paraben-free.

9. Beardhood Beard and Hair Growth Serum

best beard products
Beardhood Beard Serum

Beard serum is one of the best beard products in your grooming routine if you’re serious about maintaining a healthy, attractive beard. Using beard serum consistently will make your beard healthier, fuller, and more manageable and even will help your beard smell better. Try Beardhood Beard and Hair Growth Serum because it not only seals in moisture but smoothens the hair cuticle downs. Its amazing formula stimulates the scalp, encouraging hair growth and help prevent or slow down the hair loss.

10. USTRAA Beard Softener Balm Woody

If you’re looking for a beard softener that provides all the nourishment your beard needs, look no further than USTRAA’s Beard Softener Balm. This balm is made with a combination of vital ingredients like argan oil, shea butter and castor oil which are vital ingredients for beard health.  Argan oil helps moisturize and repair dry, damaged hair. Shea butter is a natural hair softener that helps to moisturize and condition hair.

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