Missing The One You Love… This AMAZING Song Says It All!

We’ve all been in love and, to be honest, it isn’t always as dreamy as they say it is. Love is also a struggle, and sometimes, it breaks your heart.

We’re sure you’ve been heartbroken at least once in your life, and, if not, you’re really lucky! But for someone who is in love with a person who doesn’t love them back, love can seem like the worst feeling in this world. You stop expressing yourself to people and when you stop expressing, you turn towards music. Music always helps. So guys, if you’re heartbroken right now, listen to this new song ‘Tum Bin’ from Tum Bin 2.

It’s the title track of the movie and it’s beautiful. The lyrics are just so relatable and it has been sung amazingly by Ankit Tiwari.

So guys, go hit the play button now!


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