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How To Turn A Guy On Like Never Before : 12 Sexy Things To Do With Him

Add your personal touch to a night together, and you'll have him begging for more.

Let’s face it ladies, even though we like to be satisfied, nothing feels sweeter than knowing you have what it takes to make your man so ready to let go that he can’t hold back. When you take control of the reigns and drive his desire where you want, it’s a victory worth celebrating – for both of you. Body language plays a prominent role in attraction because our response to it is subconscious.

1. Smell delightful

When a guy first notices a girl they like, they look at everything, beginning with the physical characteristics. Her clothes, her hair, the way she walks. Do it for you. It will boost your mood. And when you feel good, he’ll feel good.

2. Stare at him

You know what this means. Stare at him the same way those construction workers stare at your tight top or that plunging neckline. Stare at him, up and down. Strip him bare with your stare! And let him know you’re doing it. And what the hell, lick your lips or even wolf whistle if you feel like it.

3. Build his anticipation whole day

When it comes to sex, the more you anticipate the event, the greater your level of excitement. So, if you want to make him burst through the door when he gets home from work ready to take you right then and there, start working on him that morning. As he’s ready to walk out the door, give his nether region a quick, fleeting caress while you whisper in his ear that you’ll be waiting for his return. While he’s at work, send him racy texts or pics of you in suggestive positions.

4. Tease a little

Don’t just rush into sex with him. Sure, that’s what he may think he wants, but if you take the time to slowly build him up, his release will be that much more pleasurable. Walk around doing your usual chores, wearing just a T-shirt, or a sheer shirt that shows off his favourite bra of yours! Showing off just a little bit of your body, while still keeping it covered, will make his imagination run wild and make you even more irresistible to him!

5. Do a strip tease for him

Take off one clothing item at a time… Make sure he sits and watches – and is not allowed to touch you until you’re done! This is such a fun way to tease him, and the very fact that he isn’t allowed to touch you will make him want you more than ever!

6. Touch yourself

That’s right, yourself. Not him. There are many studies that indicate that we unconsciously touch ourselves in various ways to self soothe. But I say — why not do it purposefully? Trail your fingertips down your arms, rub your legs, touch your face. Feel yourself in your body. You’ll feel more grounded and more confident. And he’ll notice that in you.

7. Touch him

Guys don’t really hate it when you go groping all over them, especially if you top the act with a compliment like “I just can’t keep my hands to myself when you’re around!” Run your hand up his thigh, slide it under his shirt. You know how to do it.

8. Watch porn with him

Some women are upset by the fact that their guy likes porn but remember that guys are visual. It’s not necessarily that he wishes you looked like the girl on the TV, he just wants to see sex. If you really want to light his fire, watch porn with him. Mimic the moves and do what the girl on the screen is doing. In his mind, he will be the guy on the TV and the star of his very own porn show. How can that not take him over the top?

9. Give him a glimpse of your wild side

And I seriously mean a little glimpse! At least for starters! Then, if your wild side is a significant part of who you are, you can ease him into it. The thing is most guys actually want a nice girl. Someone that is well-mannered, poised, someone that he would be glad to take home to mom. Well, they want that side of her to be predominant. In fact, they’d die to see you get a little wild and crazy. Just a little bit. It turns them on like nothing else, especially, if the other side of you is a complete goody-goody.

10. Little skin goes a long way

Men are extremely visual beings, so capitalize on it. These are, in all likelihood, the prettiest years of our lives, so don’t waste it and dress like your mom. Guys don’t give a damn what’s in fashion, or if baggy shirts are trendy right now – they want to see the shape of your boobs and your butt. A dress that fits you like a sausage casing paired with 7-inch stripper heels aren’t necessary, but it can be as easy as a V-neck or a sundress.

11. Kiss him deep

Lots of people think kissing during sex is just for foreplay, but it can be a pleasure boosting powerhouse. Try kissing him deeply during intercourse to hugely up the intimacy and pleasure.

12. Take charge

Many guys report in surveys that they want a woman to take charge in the bedroom sometimes. Try getting the upper hand in the bedroom without saying a word by giving his member a little squeeze every time he does something you like.

Of course, every man has his own way of being turned on. What worked for the last guy you were with might not work with this guy. It’ll require a bit of trial and error on your part to find what really does it for him. But hey, it’ll be fun in the meantime, won’t it? Now that you’ve seen the things that arouse a man, how will you use them?

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