Twinkle Khanna Might Be Mrs Funny Bones But Her Son Aarav Is Two Steps Ahead Of Her!

Twinkle Khanna has managed to tickle our funny bones on more occasions than one. She is witty, she’s badass and she calls a spade a spade. From trolling her trollers to standing up for herself and her family (read Naseerudin Shah’s comment about her father), she has impressed us and made everyone her fan!



An interior designer by profession, she is also a published author. Her book Mrs Funnybones is one of the bestselling books and has a lot of references to her family. In fact, many of her columns also have references to funny interactions with her husband, son Aarav, daughter Nitara and others.

Bollywood actor Twinkle Khanna with son Aarav at Times litfest 2015 in Mumbai, India on December 6, 2015. (Ramesh Nair/ SOLARIS IMAGES)


Recently she posted a screenshot of her WhatsApp chat with her son and his Maths tuition teacher. The scene goes like this – Aarav who is a 9th grader was supposed to go for his Maths tuition. And just like every other kid, he was late for class. This irked his tuition teacher and he enquired about the same on their WhatsApp group. While Aarav’s excuse for being late was that he didn’t have a driver, mamma bear Twinkle Khanna immediately jumped in the conversation saying, “ Aarav should have told me – I thought you had already left – would have dropped you”.

To which, her witty son gave the best reply:

Like mother, like son!

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