Uff! Baar Baar Dekho song Kaala Chashma is bound to make you drool over Katrina Kaif’s ABS!

Finally, the party starter is here guys! Stop everything and watch it NOW!!!
We knew for a fact Kaala Chashma from Baar Baar Dekho is going to become one ultimate chartbuster, as soon as it hits the web. I mean, the song is a Badshah rendition of the famous Punjabi track that goes by the same name. Which explains why everyone’s already familiar with the beats. Plus, we at BollywoodLife watched the track in a special preview a few days back and we were impressed that very minute. But what still kept us ridiculously excited until today was to watch Katrina Kaif’s abs over and over again! No seriously!

Moreover to Katrina’s chemistry with Sidharth Malhotra, it’s her abs that will win over your hearts like never before. Not exaggerating, but Kat seriously steals the thunder from Sid in this one with her HOT AF bod and sizzling moves. Indeed, every guy and girl is going to go weak in the knees after watching Katrina in this song. It’s that hot! But of course, we can’t ignore Sid completely for you can see how he’s put in a lot of efforts to match up to Katrina. I mean, we all know Sidharth isn’t a great dancer. But the fact he’s tried to level up to Katrina cannot go unnoticed. Probably we can say, he plays a great support to Ms Kaif in this track.

But if you had to ask us to describe this song in one word, it’s a total feast for all you Katrina fans. Just can’t take our eyes off her abs. Watch the song below and tell me if you don’t fall for Katrina. We’re sure you will!


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