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Vampire – Dream Interpretation

A vampire is someone who feasts on the blood of humans. Nocturnal and a fearer of sun, he is someone who knows how to lure even the most confident and seductive women around the world.
Female vampires are known for their beauty, sensuous attitude towards both, men and women, and ability to kill someone to feast on his warm blood.
Dreaming of a vampire depicts negativity in your life. Generally, a vampire dream is not a very good one, unless you are happy in your dream. Dreaming of a vampire means that you are a very negative person. If you dream of a vampire sucking out your blood, it means that you surrender to the negative people around you. Even though you have the capacity to fight and protect yourself, you are unable to do so because of your surrendering attitude.
Dreaming of being lured by a vampire indicates sexual tensions between you and your crush in your waking life. You are sexually attracted to someone in your waking life and this feeling is now frustrating you.
If you dream of dating a vampire, it means that someone (either your lover or a friend) may cause harm to you in the coming time.

A vampire represents sexual feelings, fear, surrendering, negativity, darkness and even death. If you fear the presence of a vampire around you in your dream, you have a secret in your waking life. You are protecting this secret since a long time now because it can negatively affect your relationship.
Dreaming of willingly feeding your blood to the vampire indicates your foolishness. You are not happy in your current relationship, yet you are holding on to it. Your partner doesn’t deserve you, but you love him too much to let him go.

Most Common Vampire Dreams:
• Seeing yourself as a vampire – Such a dream means that you have chosen the pains and misery all by yourself in your waking life.
• Having sex with a vampire – This is a very terrible signal from your conscience. You are attracting negativity in your life. It may also represent your dark sexual fantasies.
• Defeating a vampire – Such a dream means improvement in yourself and your life

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