This Video Shows Us That Even A Stray Dog Needs That Special Someone To Save Them

We’ve all seen their sad faces look up at us on the streets and we’ve all felt that little tug at our heartstrings. Its no secret that stray dogs have a tough, tough life, especially here in India. From the very beginning of their existence, dogs have always bonded deeply with humans. Heck they were created that way!

All dogs need a best friend!


Maybe we’ve been too conditioned or desensitised to the plight of these poor creatures, but what we need to remember is that we might just find our best friends in them as well.

Check out this heartwarming video from Dogs Trust that tells the short story of a little furball as he waits for his best friend. You can check out more of their videos here.

Sometimes, we just need them as much as they need us. They might not mean very much to us, but to a dog, we are literally everything to them.

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