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Viking – Dream Interpretation

When we think of the word Viking, we remember all those pirates and traders from the 11th Century. Dressed in rags and known for the abuses on their tongues, Vikings had always been popular for the different «weird» things that they were into. But there was one thing that they all were known for – their ‘exploring’ attitude.
If you dream of a Viking, it means that you are looking forward to explore different things in your life. You have been going through the same frustration, same work and same monotony that have now eaten you up from within. Now you want to discover new means and modes to feed yourself and bring new spices to your plain life.
Dreaming of a Viking indicates your attitude towards your life. You want to go and explore something new, rather than doing the same things over and over again. Just like a Viking, you want to go on a journey of discovering the things that you have always been dreaming of. In simple words, you want to follow your heart, rather than following your mind. Such a dream is a signal from your conscience that things need to be transformed into something better.

A Viking represents exploration, trading, business, financial gains or losses, changes, transformation, self-discovery, monotony and ancient wisdom.
Even though Vikings were known for their wittiness, they were always wise and good. Dreaming of being a Viking reflects your personality in your waking life. If you dream of being a Viking, it means that you are a very wise person and people look forward to talk to you. Thus, whenever someone tries to approach you with a hope to get your advice, never show him your back because he counts on your wise suggestions.

Most Common Viking Dreams:
• Having sex with a Viking – This is a symbol of business. If you dream of having sex with a Viking, it means that you will either gain immense name in your business, or lose everything at once. There won’t be any balance in your waking life.
• Talking to a Viking – You may look for suggestions from wise people in your waking life, if you dream of having a healthy conversation with a Viking.
• Offered good from a Viking – This is a clear indication of loss because of a trap from your disguised enemy.

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