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Waiting trailer: Naseeruddin Shah, Kalki Koechlin leave you teary eyed

Naseeruddin Shah and Kalki Koechlin have come together for Waiting. It is a pleasure to watch the two together on screen.

Naseeruddin Shah has once again nailed it with his performance in the fresh released trailer of Waiting in which he is seen with Kalki Koechlin. The two, who have come together for Waiting, are drawn close by same fate and what happens later is a pleasure to watch.

The trailer begins with Naseeruddin walking into the hospital and greeting his wife who lies on a bed unresponsive as she had met with an accident. In the same hospital in Kalki Koechlin, who has tears up to the brim if her eyes each time the camera focuses on her. She sits beside her husband, who lays on a bed in the hospital room.

It is until she meets Naseeruddin that she starts enjoying time with him, begins eating and goes out shopping with him. The two drawn close by pain begin to share happiness while waiting for their spouses to get better.

It is optimism that bonds the two, who play the roles of Shiv and Tara respectively. While Shiv has been married for 40 long years and didn’t have a child by choice, Tara has a huge fan following on Twitter and is yet lonely since no one showed up to see her husband. Directed by Anu Menon, the film also stars Rajat Kapoor, Sushasini Maniratnam and Arjun Mathur. It will release on May 27.

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