If you want to be rich, remove these things from your house immediately

#4. Terrace

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Often, our terrace becomes the dumping ground for old furniture and garbage. If you see your terrace become a dumping yard, clean out all the junk immediately. A dirty terrace is the breeding ground of poverty.

#3. Stale flowers

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When you pray to God everyday, make sure that you do not offer stale flowers to him. Clean your prayer room thoroughly before praying. Keeping stale flowers can lead to poverty.

#2. Dry leaves

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Regularly prune your indoor plants and weed out all dried out-leaves. Not doing so will attract negativity in your house that can lead to a financial crunch.

#1. Loose wires

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Loose wires should not be kept in the house. This apart, if any of your electrical appliances has stopped working, then either get it repaired immediately or discard it for good.

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