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27 Wardrobe Fashion Pieces You Should Have By The Time You’re 27!

Never have that "I-have-nothing-to-wear-I-hate-everything" moment again.

Even if you don’t agree with needing these basics by 27, we doubt most women would say no to owning a classic black blazer or ankle-grazing pants that fit just right. After all, these essentials will be the foundation of your wardrobe, anchoring whatever crazy, amazing fashion pieces you find along the way.


So you’re in your twenties…battling the responsibilities of being an adult and not wanting to leave the comfort of your childhood bedroom. Gone are the days when you could lounge around in your dungarees and pinafore dresses, now you have to dress and think your age (you’ll get used to it, don’t worry). If you are the kind who just “can’t adult”, then here’s some help to get you by. In other words, once you tailor this list to your own needs, getting dressed in the morning should be all the easier.

1. Classic white button-down shirt


There is nothing a crisp white button-down shirt can’t do for you. From helping you look sharp at that interview you have lined up or when you want to throw it on top of your denim shorts for a cool, casual look…the list is endless.

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2. Trench Coat


There’s a reason trench coats have been en vogue since the late 1800s. Functional, flattering, and super-classic, it’s a jacket that looks great on virtually every body type, thanks to its waist-defining properties. Easy to wear with a dress or pants, it’s perfect for drizzly days in the fall and spring, and always helps present a professional image.

Trench coats should invariably be neutral, especially if you’re going for a foundation piece. Opt for classic detailing, such as medium lapels, a double-breasted bodice, and a tie at the waist. The best-quality trenches are typically made with lined cotton gabardine, but leather and poplin are common as well.

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12. A Little Black Dress


Every woman should have a little black dress – they can be worn to work, dressed up for a date, and dressed down for casual wear.

Go for knee-length or shorter, which can be worn with a pair of party heels for a wedding, or with a cardigan and flats for work. A classic shape also helps, since LBDs are usually sheaths, which means they fit closely all the way down the body. A little black dress also offers minimal embellishment. Instead, you add the personality with shoes and accessories.

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13. An elegant kurti


You know how a kurti can be the solution to almost ALL of your wardrobe queries sometimes. Even if you are not the one who has warmed up to ethnic wear, a nice cotton kurti is a wardrobe must-have.

14. A Perfect White T-Shirt


The neckline. A V-neck is the most flattering to all body types, by far. I find that the best-fitting T-shirts have a fine knit (a looser-knit ribbed T-shirt loses its shape over time). I also like a little spandex in mine, since it helps create the best shape throughout the day.

15. A thin waist belt


A thin waist belt can give your outfit a brand new avatar. Increase your wardrobe multifold by simply adding a waist belt on top of an oversized tee or sweater. Perfect to create that sleek structured look.

16. Black sunglasses


A pair of black sunglasses that frame your face well automatically makes you look more attractive…and also does a pretty good job of hiding those bags under your eyes if you’ve a had a long night out. 😛

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