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Water – Dream Interpretation

Water is one of those elements that have been combined together to create us. It is one of those things that we can’t survive without. Even when someone’s dying in his bed, he asks for water so that he can satisfy his thirst for one last time.
In order to interpret a water dream, you must have a balanced and sane mind. Try remembering as many details from the dream, as you can. It is essential for you to remember whether the water that you saw or drank in your dream was plain, tasteless, tasty or salty.
Dreaming of drinking water indicates energizing yourself. You have started adopting classic ways to progress in life. Things may not seem to flourish the way you want them to, in the initial phase, but just like the saying slow and steady wins the race, so would you. Stick to what you have decided and give your best to the world.
Dreaming of water also means that you seek smoothness and balance in your life. You are surely going through a tough time in your waking life, due to which you are unable to focus on the things that you like the most.

Water represents energy, strength, calmness, inner happiness, emotions and peace.
Dreaming of splashing water against your face means that you have taken enough breaks or vacations in life; your conscience is trying to wake you up and tell you to work for your dreams. You can achieve the heights only when you try climbing the mountains!
Dreaming of muddy or dirty water indicates negativities in your life. You are dwelling in the same old stories and aren’t letting go of your past.
Dreaming of listening to the waterfall or raindrops splashing on the ground indicates happiness and internal peace.

Most Common Water Dreams:
• Playing with water – Such a dream means that you know how to balance yourself and your emotions. You know how to control your inner self.
• Tsunami – Such a nightmare means that you are unable to control things in your life; this uncontrollable force is leading to destruction.
• Drinking salty water – If you dislike the taste of the water in your dream, it means that you need to purify yourself to get rid of the negativities in your waking life.

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