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Wave – Dream Interpretation

A wave depicts the tides in the sea. It helps in keeping the edges of the shore wet and cozy during the sunny days and melted and dry during the nights.
Dreaming of a wave depicts your inner emotions. Just like a wave can either be calm or an aggressive one, your emotions are far beyond your control.
Dreaming of a large and uncontrollable wave depicts your anger. If it aggressively splashes against the shore, it means that you are unable to control your frustration anymore. You have either already started throwing tantrum at people around you or you will start the melodrama soon!
Dreaming of a tender or small wave indicates over calmness. Even when you know that people do wrong to you, there’s absolutely no reaction from your end. It is okay to leave things at the hands of KARMAS, but you must remember that there’s absolutely nothing more valuable than your self-respect. Therefore, if someone tries to hammer your self-respect, it is time for you to speak.
Dreaming of a calm and peaceful wave indicates balance. You know how to balance your emotions. You are neither over excited nor over dull about the things happening around you.

A wave represents forthcoming events or occasions, celebrations, emotions, hidden emotions, secrets and opportunities as well as threats.
Dreaming of surfing on a large wave indicates your adventurous nature of taking things positively. Even when something negative happens in your life, you have a habit of taking it as a new challenge. If you fail to surf in your dream, it indicates over confidence.
Dreaming of silently watching the waves rise and fall in the sea indicates your hidden emotions. There is someone you love a lot, but you are unable to express your feelings to him.

Most Common Wave Dreams:
• Drowning in the wave while surfing – Such a dream depicts your fear of losing out on the opportunities.
• Running away from a huge wave – Such a dream means that you are trying your best to keep yourself sane, even though there are a lot of problems around you.
• Tsunami – Such a dream is nothing but a warning of destruction in your waking life

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