Ways Every Girl Misses Her Mom After Getting Married!

It is truly said that as a woman, you realise the value and the bond that you share with your mother, only after getting married and leaving your home. As humans, we do not tend to respect, value and appreciate what we already have and take a lot of things for granted. For example, the relationship we share with our parents.


Especially for a woman, getting married and leaving her family, to go and live with her in-laws, is a very big change, something that every girl secretly dreads. But, why is that so tough, you ask? Well, here are reasons why it is so difficult for girls to be without their mommies after their marriage.

 1. The late night gossips

That one women who made you and brought you onto this wonderful planet is the only one who knows each and every nerve and freckle of you. And intimidatingly, you are an open book in front of her. Admiringly, there is nothing about your life which she doesn’t know. Well, mostly!

2. That expert advice

Baby Girl, she is your mom and she knows everything. and sometimes she knows you better than you know yourself. so never ever ever in you life ignore what she says. Remember, she has seen the world and then brought you into it. Embrace it mate.

3. The most reliable support

You mother is the one and only you can swing up to regardless of what the circumstance differs and she will be accessible with open arms. Much the same as in adolescence, she never used to allow us to sit unbothered to shield us from the world. Definitely, she’s the same mom.

4. The tender love and care

Whether you get up at 7 in the morning or 1 in the afternoon, you will always have a huge plate of delicious breakfast ready for you, the water for your bath heated, your room cleaned and sorted, and everything else that you might need, in place. Not happening anymore after you get married missy!

5. Your own free space

When you are home, you get to be alone if you feel like it. You are not answerable; you can just cut yourself off from the world and relax. You can enjoy your alone free time and your mom understands without asking you a million questions.

6. Maa ke haath ka khaana

Just imagine not being able to have the most delicious food you have been having in your entire life. Nightmare alert! This is by far going to be one of the things you are going to miss the most. As there ain’t no better chef than your very own mommy. We hope you get over this fact soon enough or take your along with you.

7. When breakfast time doesn’t feel the same anymore…

… Because you cannot hear your mom’s familiar voice ringing through your ears saying, “Naashta lelo beta, thanda ho jaega.

8. The emotional connect

Your mom can look into your eyes and tell if you are happy or sad. She can see that you are hiding your tears behind that enormous fake smile of yours. Her hug can make you feel better without the exchange of any words. She is your mother, you are a part of her and your happiness is the only thing that is paramount to her.

9. Instant shopping or movie plans

After marriage, you are involved with your new family, new responsibilities and a totally new lifestyle. It was easier to go catch a movie or go out shopping with your mommy earlier, but now due to the time and distance constraints, making instant scenes gets difficult.

10. When cooking is so much harder… And not nearly as much fun.

While you are cooking in your new home, you cannot ask her “Isme aur kya daalu?” or “Isko kitni der gas pe rakhna hai” or “Mamma namak check karna ek baar.

11. Her scolding

She can scold you in the most frightening way and you wouldn’t mind, but imagine getting the same scolding from someone from your new family! You wouldn’t quite like that, right? Also, sometimes you wish your mom was there to guide you, to stop and scold you right when you are about to do something wrong, to tell you what to and what not to put in the dal, etc. It is difficult to believe, but her scolding is something you miss the most.

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