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11 Ways You Can Immediately Spice Up Your Boring Sex Life

Enjoy the bliss of romance and work on keeping the passion boiling with new and sexy things to try together.

It’s time to stop turning out the light, rolling over and waiting around for your partner to initiate intimacy in your relationship. Whether it’s been three months or thirty years since you said “I do,” a time comes when every relationship needs a little shaking up in the bedroom. Learning how to spice up your sex life is far easier than you think.

Try these tips on how to spice up your sex life and you can bring the sizzle back in no time.

1. Have an affair with you partner.

Plan a date with each other and pretend like both of you are having an affair. You’ll never realize how sexy it feels until you try it. Meet each other in a restaurant and seduce each other like two lusty lovers.

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2. Slip into a sexy little number.

Ditch the baggy T-shirt for the night and slip into bed wearing a sexy lace and silk nightie. He’ll love seeing your body’s silhouette and feeling the smooth fabric so much that he won’t be able to keep his hands to himself. To heighten his attraction to you, wear red or orange; these colors show him that you’re ready to be flirty, fun and in charge of the after-hours activities ahead.

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3. Turn the bedroom into a boudoir.

Clear out the sippy cups and laundry bins; those just remind you of work and chores to be done. Your bedroom should be your space of luxury with cozy, chic sheets and clean, simple decor. Let your man choose scented candles he likes, dim the lights and play soft music to set the mood. And ditch the TV; studies show this decreases your sex life by 40 percent.

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4. Think teen.

You may have fallen in love as young teens. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t behave like one now and then. Get creative and behave like eighteen year olds over a weekend. Dress like one, hang out in places you used to, and make out like teens!

5. Add more foreplay.

One of the best ways to have great sex is by focusing on foreplay. Spend 15 more minutes on making each other horny before having sex. Both of you will end up having better sex. Caress and compliment each other’s bodies during those 15 minutes.

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6. Dare to Watch Porn

From the moment you select a skin flick to watch to the moment when you are both breathless, taking the plunge into porn will add fiery fervor to your real-life bump and grinds. If you’re freaked out by the idea of porn, don’t be: Your guy is likely going to only spend about 30 seconds watching the movie before he can’t take his eyes off your reaction. So be daring and let your inhibitions go tonight!

7. Hit the gym.

Suggest an evening run or walk or invite your hubby on a gym date. This can improve your health (obviously) and your connection to one another. But consider it an added bonus that working out releases stimulating endorphins which can boost your sex drive by making you feel happier and more confident in your body. He’ll love to see you work up a sweat, too.

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8. Be shockingly innovative and flirty.

As the relationship matures, you need to come up with new ways to get innovative. Indulge in something that gets your heart racing and your sex life will get super sexy.

9. Bring your wildest fantasies alive.

Just because you’re in a long term relationship doesn’t mean you have to refrain from enacting your fantasies. Talk about it with your partner and indulge in them together.

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10. Send a sexy text.

“Oops, did I mean to send that?” Letting your honey know he’s on your mind is sweet, but letting him know what you’ve planned for later can really turn up the heat. Type a sexy message like “Let’s have some fun later ;)” a sweet “I love sleeping next to you every night,” or a playful “Guess the color of my panties to win a treat,” to let him know you’re interested in some late-night fun.

11. Think beyond the bed.

There are many sexy places to get naughty besides the bed. Think kitchen, couches, bathroom, backyard, or a pool. Get innovative and the sexual rewards will be more pleasurable.

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