Science Says That Wearing Anklets Have Many Health Benefits That You Need To Know!

India is mostly known for the huge collection and variety of jewellery which you might not be able to find anywhere else. Here people from different parts of the world of varying religions and cultures stay together. When you look at the Indian women they have variety of jewellery which can be worn on their different body parts. The list of ornaments which you can find in the market include earrings, necklace, bangles, toe rings, anklets, nose ring, arm bands, waist band and much more. Based on your feasibility and affordability you can choose the best one of your choice. With each of the unique and beautiful jewellery women would definitely look like the real diva. The anklets are one of the traditional which can be worn by women in their day to day life as these are considered as the most auspicious ones for women.



Anklets or as we Indians call them ‘Payal’, are one of the most beautiful yet intricate piece of jewellery which we Indian women wear as it is a part of solah sringaar; but what we really did not know how useful these pieces of jewellery are. Along with fashion statement, anklets also have scientific reasons which help in keeping the body in sync and healthy!
Here are scientific benefits of why a woman should wear anklets and how they help the bodies be fit!

#7. Important Indication

Generally girls like to wear anklets. In some cultures, wearing anklets is a compulsion after marriage. There are many reasons behind this tradition. Anklet plays an important role in ‘16 Shringar’ of women.  In olden times, women used to wear anklets for an important indication.

#6. Seeking Respect

When the family members used to sit together, if they used to hear the sound of anklets, they would come to know that a woman is coming to them and they would welcome her with respect.

#5. Avoiding embarrassment

Sound of anklets would also indicate people that a woman is nearing them and that they should be at their best behavior to avoid any kind of embarrassment.

# 4. Destroys Negative Energy

With all these thoughts, the tradition of making woman wear anklets began. Also, by wearing anklets, its sound destroys any negative energy flowing inside the house.

#3. Bones Get Stronger

Anklets made of gold and silver when constantly rubs the ankles, the bones get stronger. Also, anklets add up to the beauty of women.

#2. God’s Blessings

lt is a belief that a home where a woman wears an anklet attracts gods & angels and; fills the home with god’s blessings!

#1. Ayurvedic Effects

In Ayurveda, some of medicines are made of metal ashes. Wearing an anklet gives you the
same kind of benefits.


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