We bet you never thought of wearing the shirt like this till today

When it comes to fun style staples, a simple button-down doesn’t exactly top the list. True, they tend to come in handy on days that call for polished or preppy, but other than that, these shirts pretty much stay put, safely tucked away in the back of our closets until they’re needed again.

Denim on Denim


The double denim look can be just as smart as it can be casual. Avoid loose or baggy fits and distressed or light washes. The darker the wash, the smarter your look will be. Perhaps not for formal events, but when smartened up denim on denim can work well for a night out or a date.

Cropped Shirts

shirt 2

For the young fashionista in all of us, we sometimes believe that no matter how old we get, we can still pull off that teeny bopper trend. While some of us might still be able to pull off wearing cropped shirts as they are, others might not feel like it’s age appropriate but we still want to embrace the trend.

Oversized Shirts

shirt 3

While the idea of wearing over sized shirts might look a bit tacky but not the concept of how to wear over sized shirts. Slipping an over sized shirt under a high-waist skirt is the easiest way of how to wear oversized shirts. After all, the skirt will further highlight your waist and slim the shirt in the right spot.

Back Button down Shirts


All you need is a slightly over-sized shirt and the superhuman ability to be able to button behind your back (or just some help). This trick can work on all kinds of shirts including cute tie-up ones. They’re literally bringing sexy back.

Knot It Up

shirt 5

Never mind if your shirt is oversized. Just gather the bottom of your shirt and twist it on itself to make a knot. This is one trendy look that needs just five seconds to put it together.

As an off-the-shoulder top

shirt 8

Flaunt your slim shoulder line by wearing an oversized shirt off your shoulder. Tuck it in your shorts or leave it baggy, whichever way you feel like sporting it. To further amp up your chic look, you can wear a contrast camisole or a bustier.

Under a sleeveless dress

shirt 4

You can also try your shirt under the sleevless dress or with a pair of overalls. It will give you a stylish look. Believe me!

Under A Cardigan

shirt 6

Tuck your button-down into jeans, then wear a cardigan over it. This layered look is warm without being too bulky.

With A Skater Skirt

shirt 7

In the spring and summer, tuck it into a skater skirt for an easy, effortlessly glam outfit.

In other words: don’t think of a button-up shirt as something you can only wear when you’re an adult with a full-time job! Button-up shirts can be dressed down and look so good with jeans. They actually look good with a lot of things

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