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Wedding – Dream Interpretation

Weddings are serene and beautiful. Even if you are not the bride or the groom at a wedding, you have tears in your eyes looking at the couple exchanging the never-ending and never-changing vows with each other. A wedding is not just an event; it is an occasion, a festival in itself!
Dreaming of a wedding indicates your personal emotions. You are at a very emotional stage in your life, if you dream of being at a wedding. If you seem happy in your wedding dream, it means that the things are going smooth and you are happy with the emotions that you are surrounded with, in your waking life. On the other hand, if you are sad or unhappy at the wedding, it means that you are forced to take some major responsibilities in your life, which you were never in favor of.
Dreaming of a beautiful white wedding indicates peace. If you get a glimpse of the bride in white in your dream, it indicates purity and contentment in your inner self. You are at a peaceful stage in your life.
If you dream of being the bride’s friend, it means that you have forgiven yourself for all the wrongs that you’ve done in your life.

A wedding represents happiness, memories, friends, new relationships, blossoming friendships, contentment and also psychic abilities.
Dreaming of being wedded means that you are happy in your relationship and you think that it is time for you to take another step in it. You probably want to get engaged and are all set to ask the big question to your partner.
Dreaming of attending a simple and ordinary wedding means plainness in your life. If you are happy in such a dream, it means that you are content with the kind of simple life you have.

Most Common Wedding Dreams:
• Getting wedded – Dreaming of getting happily married means beginning of something new.
• Unhappily getting married – Such a dream means being overloaded with unwanted responsibilities in your waking life.
• Attending a wedding – Dreaming of attending a gorgeous wedding indicates the bond between you and your higher self. It is time for you to spend some time with yourself. Try finding happiness in your heart, rather than being dependent on someone else.

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