This Wedding Video Set To ‘Closer’ Is The *Sweetest* Thing!

Remember the medley of ‘Closer’ and ‘Kabira’ by Vidya Vox? We just loved it! And this pre-wedding film of Shruti and Abhishek by The Wedding Story set to the medley is the sweetest thing you’ll watch today. It’s a video of the couple posing for their pre-wedding photoshoot and we must tell you it’ll make you go ‘aww…’! From trying those traditional shaadi poses to being caught laughing candidly, this video has captured all the moments beautifully. What we love the most about this video is the background music, which makes for even better appreciation of their adorable jodi. So, girls, go ahead and hit that play button…

P.S: Don’t forget to share this with your other half and tell him you can’t wait to do all this with him!

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