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Werewolf – Dream Interpretatiion

Werewolf is nothing but a fictitious character. A man who transforms into a wolf during a full moon is said to be a werewolf. There is absolutely no trace of the existence of such a person in real.
Werewolf dreams are not very common. If you get them often, you surely need to find out what’s haunting you within your heart. According to some of the stories, werewolves have no control over their transformations. Sometimes, they don’t even remember what they do when they are wolves. In fact, they also harm those, who love them dearly. It is not possible for them to keep a control over themselves, when they are wolves.
Dreaming of being a werewolf means that you are transforming for bad. You may have tried your best to keep yourself the way you are or may have tried your best to improve yourself, but in the end, there’s absolutely no positive change or improvement seen in you. Due to the surroundings or a lot of things happening around you, there’s a major negative change in your nature. The worst thing is that you are unable to notice this change, while it is being seen by all your loved ones.

A werewolf represents an enemy in disguise of a friend, wild sex, boredom, fantasies, anger, disappointment, loss of control over oneself and losing out on friends.
When you turn into a werewolf, there’s absolutely no one who wishes to stay with you because they are scared. Similarly, if you dream of being a werewolf, it means that your new nature is not being adopted by the others around you. They fear your presence and they fear you.
Dreaming of being chased by a werewolf indicates an enemy in disguise of a friend. Try being away from those that are overly polite to you!

Most Common Werewolf Dreams:
• Defeating a werewolf – Such a dream indicates your power to defeat the bad in you.
• Fighting with a werewolf – Your conscience is trying to tell you about that person who is being good to you with a bad intention, if you get such a dream.
• Having sex with a werewolf – Such a dream depicts your hidden sexual fantasies.

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